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Confused.com Rewards

Pick your own reward when you buy car, home or van insurance with Confused.com

Lidl Plus logo £20 to spend
IMO logo 12 free car washes
Halfords logo £20 to spend
HelloFresh Logo Free recipe box

Ready to claim your reward?

  • Buy car, home or van insurance then go to your Confused.com account and select rewards
  • Choose your reward and submit the claim form within 90 days of buying your policy
  • We’ll verify your claim and send you an email with how to use your chosen reward

Lidl Plus logo

£20 to spend

Download the Lild Plus app to get a £20 Lidl Plus coupon. You’ll need a Lidl Plus account to use this reward.

Halfords logo

£20 to spend

Spend your £20 Halfords gift card online, in store or with a Halfords autocentre booking.

IMO logo

12 free car washes

Get 12 IMO triple foam car washes. 1 e-voucher given every 30 days for a year.

HelloFresh logo

Free recipe box

Get a HelloFresh recipe box including 3 meals for 2 people. Plus free delivery on your next 4 boxes.

Track your reward in our app, plus much more

  • MOT icon  Insurance, MOT and tax reminders
  • Pound sign icon  Get a quick car insurance quote
  • Quick quote icon  Monthly car running costs

Rewards app on phone

Need more help?

How do I claim my reward?

Once you’ve got a quote and bought car, home or van insurance through Confused.com, claim your reward through your Confused.com account.

What happens after I’ve claimed?

We’ll verify your claim, which could take up to 14 working days.

Once we’ve verified your claim, we’ll send you an email containing a unique code which you’ll need to reveal within 30 days. When you reveal your code, there’ll be useful information about how to use your reward and when you need to use it by.

For the Lidl Plus reward, we’ll send you an email with a link to confirm the email address you used in the Lidl Plus app. You’ll have 30 days to confirm your email address. Once your coupon is added to the app, it must be used within 28 days in-store.

Who can claim a reward?

To get your reward, you’ll need to have bought either a single annual car, van or home insurance policy (buildings and/or contents) through Confused.com.

Is there a time limit to make a claim for my reward?

Once you get your car, home or van insurance quote and have bought from your chosen insurer, you’ll have 90 days to claim your Reward.

What are the Confused.com Rewards terms and conditions?

Please see the Confused.com Rewards - Terms & conditions page for the full terms and conditions.

How many times can I claim?

Every time you buy car, home or van insurance! So you could buy both car and home insurance through Confused.com and get two rewards.

I haven't received my reward, what can I do?

Your reward tracker will provide any updates on the status of your chosen reward. You can find this through your Confused.com account.

If it's been more than 14 working days since you claimed and you haven't received an email with more details about your rewards, contact us and we'll look into it for you.

What if I’ve cancelled my policy within the policy cancellation period?

If you cancel your policy, then you won’t be eligible to receive a reward.

When does my Reward expire?

This varies between each reward. When you reveal your reward in your reward email, you'll be taken to your reward code. This page will also display the date that your reward is valid until.

If I change my mind, can I have a different reward?

No. Once you’ve made your choice you won’t be able to change your reward.
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