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Terms and conditions

Confused.com Rewards

1. The Promoter of this offer is Inspop.com Limited trading as Confused.com, whose registered office is at Greyfriars House, Greyfriars Road, Cardiff CF10 3AL. Registration No. 03857130 (Confused.com).

2. Confused.com Rewards (the Offer) is open to UK customers of Confused.com who buy a single annual car, single annual van or annual contents and/or buildings insurance policy, excluding Landlord insurance (“Qualifying Products”) through www.Confused.com (the Website) and which can be verified by Confused.com for as long as the Offer is promoted on the Website. Any other product offered on the Website – other than the Qualifying Products stated above – are expressly excluded from the offer.

3. By claiming for the Offer, customers are deemed to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions.

4. Only one customer per policy bought is eligible to claim for this Offer and multiple Rewards (as detailed in point 7 below) will not be issued for multiple customers named on a single policy.

4.1. A maximum of one Offer claim can be claimed for each single annual car insurance policy bought, per vehicle registration.

4.2. A maximum of two reward claims can be claimed for each single annual home insurance policy bought, per household which equates to circumstances where a single buildings and single contents policy have been bought separately. If a combined buildings and contents policy is bought, a maximum of one reward claim can be claimed per household.

4.3. A maximum of one reward claim can be claimed for each single annual van insurance policy purchased, per vehicle registration.

5. To claim and receive their Reward, a customer will require access to the internet and a valid email address. For the Just Eat Reward, you will need to have a Just Eat website account or sign up if you haven’t already. The Paramount+ Reward is only available to new and former subscribers of Paramount+ and you must be 18+ to redeem the reward. New customers will need to create a Paramount+ account and former customers will need to sign-in before subscribing to the Standard Monthly Plan to which this reward applies. Once the Paramount+ Reward period ends, your subscription will automatically renew at the then regular price of the Standard Monthly Plan (currently, £6.99/m).

6. This Offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer, including offers via third party cash back sites, with the exception of the Confused.com Beat Your Renewal guarantee. If car, van or contents and/or buildings insurance is purchased through Confused.com via a cash back site and an application is also submitted for Confused.com Rewards, only the Confused.com Reward will be rewarded.

7. Eligible customers will be given the option to choose from one of the following rewards:

a) £20 Sainsbury’s eGift Card

b) 3 months of complimentary access to Paramount+ when you subscribe to a Standard Monthly Plan

c) £20 Halfords gift code; or

d) £20 Just Eat Gift Card

The Rewards are subject to their own terms and conditions which are different to those of this Offer. These will be available on the Offer claim page and it is important customers read and understand these before claiming as changes can't be made after the claim has been submitted.

8. Customers who claim the Offer on the claim page on or after 1st December 2023 at 12pm and have a verified claim, will also be eligible to receive a bonus reward.

8.1. This will be 12 regular hot drinks from Greggs, issued individually as one per calendar month for a period of 12 months. Each monthly hot drink will be issued via an individual unique code, when the customer downloads and logs into the Confused.com app.

8.2. The bonus reward is only available through the Confused.com app. Customers must be logged into the app using the same email address and password linked to their Confused.com Website account, and ensure they are using the latest version of their Confused.com app. You can find the most up to date app version on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The Confused.com app works on mobile devices with Android version 9 and above, or iOS 11.0 or later.

8.3. The bonus reward will on only become available at the same time as the Confused.com Reward, once it has been verified. The validity of your 12 monthly codes will begin from the day your Confused.com Reward is sent to you via email. You first QR code will become available as soon as your Confused.com Reward Offer claim is verified. After that, a unique code will become available on the 1st of each month and can be used on any date during that month. If the code is not used in that month it will expire. The code can’t be re issued.

8.4. To use a bonus reward code, it must be activated. Once activated, you will have 24 hours to use it. After this time, the code can no longer be used and will expire. If you activated your code on the last day of the month, that code will only be valid until 11.59pm on that day. The next month’s code will then become available the following day.

8.5. Please see here for the Greggs bonus reward T&Cs.

9. In order to receive their chosen Reward, the following process shall apply:

9.1. Customers must get a new quote and buy a single annual car, single annual van or annual contents and/or buildings insurance policy through Confused.com. Policies bought via telephone following a quote obtained via the Website will also qualify for the Offer provided the customer has clicked the phone button on the Website to reveal the insurers’ contact details and supplied the quote and reference number at the point of buying the policy (“Qualifying Purchase”). A Reward claim submitted before a Qualifying Purchase is made cannot be accepted and will be deemed as unsuccessful.

9.2. Following making a Qualifying Purchase, customers must log on to the Website and select Confused.com Rewards in their account within 90 days of receiving the quote associated to the Qualifying Purchase and claim for the Offer.

9.3. To claim a reward, all required fields in the Offer claim form will need to be completed.

9.4. An email confirming the reward claim will be sent to the customers email address stated on the claim form within 24 hours of claiming (“Confirmation Email”). The Confirmation Email will detail information on how the progress of the reward claim can be tracked by the customer online or on the Confused.com app (the “Tracker”).

9.5. Following receipt of the Confirmation Email, eligible customers will receive a further email at the email address submitted on the Offer application form within 14 working days of submitting their application which will include instructions on how to redeem their chosen Reward (“Reward Email”). For security purposes, the Reward Email requires a promotional code and/or additional information to be revealed. Recipients will have 30 days from the Reward Email being sent to reveal the code and/or additional information. After this 30-day reveal code expires, there will be no access to the promotional code and/or more information.

9.6. Once the promotional code has been revealed and dependent on the Reward, there will be an expiration date applied to the Reward. For the Just Eat reward, once you have revealed your reward via your Reward Email, you will receive a Just Eat Activation Pin (“Activation Pin”) which will need to be exchanged for your £20 Just Eat Reward code. You’ll have up to 45 days to complete this step. Details on how to do this will also be provided to you via your Reward Email.

9.7. If the Reward Email is not received within 14 working days of application submission, a reason will be provided by accessing the Tracker via the Confirmation Email.

9.8. If a claim is assigned a ‘unable to verify your claim’ status. There will be the opportunity to re-check and amend these details within 14 days from this status being applied, which will be provided in the form of a link accessible via the Tracker. If no detail confirmation or amendment is supplied within 14 days, the application will be deemed as unsuccessful.

10. In the event that a Reward becomes unavailable, customers will be contacted with alternative options of equal or greater value. No cash alternative will be offered.

11. Rewards are subject to availability and may be changed by Confused.com at its absolute discretion. The Reward is non-transferable, non-negotiable and cannot be substituted for any other gift, voucher or cash value. If a customer chooses to cancel their Reward or suffers damage/loss to their Reward, no replacement reward will be issued. Confused.com accepts no responsibility for any costs associated with the selected Rewards.

12. The Reward claim procedure (detailed in points 8.4-8.9) is hosted and managed by The Marketing Lounge Partnership Limited (registered company in England and Wales 06467245) on behalf of Confused.com. Customer data will be shared with The Marketing Lounge Partnership Limited strictly to the extent necessary to process, verify and issue the Reward and to answer any related customer queries.

13. The Marketing Lounge Partnership Limited use of customer data will be governed by their applicable privacy policies. Their privacy policies are different from the Confused.com privacy notice. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they understand and agree to the privacy policy of The Marketing Lounge Partnership Limited.

14. Any customer data Confused.com holds during this Offer will be held and used in accordance with the Confused.com privacy notice (available at https://www.confused.com/privacy-and-security/privacy-notice) and current UK data protection legislation.

15. Insofar as is permitted by law, Confused.com and its agents or distributors accept no liability or responsibility for any delays or failures in verifying a Qualifying Purchase caused by a third-party provider, data corruption, incomplete or illegible entries, entries which fail to be submitted properly.

16. We retain the right to reject your claim on suspicion of malpractice, misrepresentation or any other use which is inconsistent with our terms and conditions. This may also result in Confused.com not being able to offer other products, or insurers offering their products on different terms. Also, we actively monitor information entered into our website and pass on intelligence of suspected fraud to other parties including insurance providers, aggregators, financial institutions and fraud prevention agencies. Law enforcement agencies may access and use this information.

17. Confused.com reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time at their discretion and without notice.

18. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

Exceptions and Exclusions

- Policies that are cancelled during the policy cancellation period for any reason will not be eligible to receive the Offer.

- By deleting your Confused.com account you may forfeit your future entitlement to use any rewards.

- Customers will only be eligible for the Offer where Confused.com and The Marketing Lounge Partnership Limited are able to verify the Qualifying Purchase. Purchases not made through Confused.com shall not be eligible for the Offer.

- Purchases made through Confused.com via uSwitch, Money.co.uk, Clearscore, Top Cashback or any other affiliate partner shall not be eligible for the Offer.

- The Just Eat reward requires an active Just Eat website account. The Just Eat Reward can be redeemed on the Just Eat UK website only (www.just-eat.co.uk) and cannot be used on Just Eat websites in other markets.

- The Paramount+ reward is only available to new and former Paramount+ subscribers aged 18 and over, when subscribing to a Standard Monthly Plan. New customers will need to create a Paramount+ account and former customers will need to sign-in before subscribing to a Standard Monthly Plan. Once the reward period ends, your subscription will automatically renew at the then regular price of the Standard Monthly Plan (currently, £6.99/month).

- The Sainsbury’s reward can’t be used to cover the delivery cost, when redeeming online. Minimum £25 spend also applies online.

- The Shell fuel reward requires an active Shell Go+ account and is only available to customers aged 17 and over. It can only be spent on fuel and not other goods sold at Shell sites and does not include charging for electric vehicles.

- The Shell Go+ fuel reward can only be redeemed in England, Wales and Scotland. Can’t be redeemed in Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

- The IMO Car Wash reward is subject to a maximum vehicle height restriction of two metres.

- The HelloFresh Reward is only available to customers aged 18 and over. The HelloFresh Reward requires an active HelloFresh account.

- The HelloFresh Reward cannot be redeemed in the Scottish Highlands, Islands or Isle of Man.

These Terms and Conditions were updated on the 3rd of April 2024.