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We compare up to 76 popular home insurance companies in the UK

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About our home insurance providers

Below is the full list of the 76 home insurance companies we work with. According to UK home insurance statistics, almost three-quarters (72%) of people prefer to shop around before buying their home insurance. Whether you’re on the lookout for a combined home insurance policy, or just buildings or contents insurance, you’ve come to the right place.

Each of the companies we work with is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA’s regulations are there to make sure you’re treated fairly when it comes to insurance. We’re regulated by them too, so you’re in safe hands when using Confused.com.

You can rest assured that we’ll always show you the best prices, too. The FCA’s regulations mean we have to be impartial, and aren’t allowed to promote one company over another. And we wouldn’t want to. We’re here to find you the best price on your insurance, and that’s what we’ll always do.

If you buy a policy through us, we’re paid a flat fee by the company you choose to go with. This doesn’t affect the prices you’re shown, or the companies you’re shown. But the details you give us do, as not all insurers cover every type of policy or every type of customer. For more information on how we operate, see our about us section.


  • Acorn
  • Admiral Gold
  • Admiral Platinum
  • Adrian Flux
  • Ageas
  • Aviva Online
  • Aviva Premium
  • AXA Home Insurance
  • AXA Plus Home Insurance
  • AXA Premier Home Insurance
  • Bradford & Bingley
  • Budget
  • Churchill Home
  • Churchill Home Plus
  • Co-op Insurance


  • DialDirect
  • Esure


  • Gallagher
  • Getsafe
  • Grove & Dean Home
  • Halifax Home
  • Hastings Direct
  • Hastings Essential
  • Hastings Premier
  • HomeInsurer.co.uk
  • Intelligent Insurance


  • John Lewis Bronze
  • John Lewis Gold
  • John Lewis Silver
  • LV=


  • Magnet
  • MBNA
  • More Th>n
  • Nationwide
  • One Call Home Insurance
  • One Insurance Solution


  • Performance Direct Home
  • Policy Expert Bronze
  • Policy Expert Gold
  • Policy Expert Silver
  • Post Office Gold+
  • Post Office Silver+
  • Privilege
  • Privilege Platinum
  • Quote Your Home
  • Quoteline Direct
  • Quotemehappy.com - Essentials
  • Quotemehappy.com Premier
  • RAC
  • RIAS


  • Sainsbury's Bank
  • Sheilas' Wheels
  • SwiftCover Home Insurance
  • SwiftCover Plus Home Insurance
  • Swinton Classic
  • Swinton Essentials
  • The AA
  • Urban Jungle

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