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Homeowners warned about Christmas burglaries

  •  26 Nov, 2013
Burglar opening patio doors

As the countdown to Christmas begins homeowners are being urged to lock up their valuables and be mindful of burglars.

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Over half of movers don't change house locks

Female hand putting house key in lock

Would you change the locks on a new property when you move house? Most of us would not, according to a new survey.

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Market towns' house price premium

  •  25 Nov, 2013
Shopping for a house

Buying a home in a picturesque market town might sound idyllic but it's likely to come at a high cost, according to a new report.

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Gadget thefts on trains on the rise

  •  19 Nov, 2013
A Virgin train in the UK

Thefts of iPads, tablets and Kindles on Britain's railways have soared this year, while thefts of laptops and computers have gone down.

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Clumsy children cost parents £5K

  •  18 Nov, 2013
Excited little boy with messy hands

The average child inflicts £5,000 of damage on UK households by the time they hit 18, according to a new report.

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Households told to expect flooding

  •  14 Nov, 2013
Flooded street

Flooding could be on the cards across much of England over the coming months as wet and windy weather sets in.

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£130m bill for St Jude storm damage

  •  06 Nov, 2013
Storm damaged tree

The bill for last month's storm will reach £130 million, UK insurers have calculated.

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Do you own an embarrassing home?

Messy bedroom

Nearly half of Brits are so embarrassed by how their home looks that they avoid inviting people over, a new study claims.

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House buyers warned over subsidence

House buyers outside estate agent

House buyers should factor in an increased risk of subsidence when having a new home surveyed, following this year's dry summer, warns a leading home insurer.

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Neighbour wins subsidence hedge dispute

Man cutting garden hedge

A new legal ruling means that homeowners are more likely to face huge bills for subsidence damage caused to neighbouring properties by trees and hedges.

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