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Noisy nookie tops neighbour Twitter complaints

Tired woman in bed

Loud music, screaming children and, umm, X-rated noises. These are just some of the reasons people take to social media to rant about their neighbours.

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Bank willing to cool housing market

  •  19 May, 2014
Estate agents' signs

Bank of England governor Mark Carney has admitted that steps could soon be taken to cool Britain's surging housing market.

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Future lies in remote-control homes

  •  16 May, 2014
A woman using her mobile

The idea of a smart, digital home is becoming a more common and accepted idea, according to new research by a British energy company.

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17 home DIY fails

A bent drill head

From shoddy cardboard furniture to wonky handmade sheds, here are some delightful decorating disasters to make you feel better about your own craftsmanship.

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Extra bedroom adds most value to your home

House worker

If you want to boost your home’s value, adding a bedroom or enlarging your kitchen is the best option, say experts. Would you rather improve than move?

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Blog: Is Britain a nation of hoarders?

Garage full of clutter

The rise of self-storage businesses has been driven by our love of shopping and our inability to throw things away. Is Britain a nation of hoarders?

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£1.9bn cost of poor tradespeople

  •  04 Apr, 2014
A handyman's toolbelt

UK homeowners have lost an estimated £1.9 billion over the past year thanks to incompetent tradesmen.

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Fife & Newcastle top nuisance neighbours complaint list

Woman complaining about nusiance neighbours on phone

There were almost half a million complaints to councils last year about noisy or inconsiderate neighbours. We explain how to stand up for your rights.

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Property crime inquiries dropped

  •  25 Mar, 2014
Burglar opening patio doors

Probes into half of all property crimes in the capital, including robberies and break-ins, were dropped by Scotland Yard in 2013, new figures have shown.

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Poor areas face greater flood risk

  •  25 Mar, 2014
Flooded street

Oxfam is calling for more to be done to protect vulnerable households from the devastating effects of climate change.

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