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What is QuickQuote?

QuickQuote is a time-saving tool designed by Confused.com to get you a car insurance quote in seconds. 

If you've used us before for car insurance, simply download the app and enter a car registration and the email address you use for your account. We'll use your previous details to get you an accurate car insurance quote.

QuickQuote app steps 

If you've used Confused.com before:

It couldn’t be easier to get a QuickQuote. We’ll use the details from your previous car insurance quote to get you a price. If any details have changed since your last quote, you can amend your account to get a more accurate price. Easy!

If you’re new to Confused.com:

To benefit from our QuickQuote app, you’ll first have to get a car insurance quote on our site. We also need to have a full set of details from you before you can use the App. But after that, you can get speedy quotes for as many cars as you like.

How does it work?

A car insurance quote is based on various factors including your postcode, age, driving history and so on. If you’ve already used Confused.com to get a quote in the past, the App will use those details to find you a quick car insurance quote for the number plate you’ve entered.

We’ll automatically update details that change annually, such as your age and assume you have another year's no-claims bonus.

In order to provide you with a quote, we do assume your other details haven’t changed since your last quote with us. However, if your details have changed, it’ll still give you a good idea of what you’re likely to pay for your policy.

How do I buy the policy from QuickQuote?

Once you have your QuickQuote, you’ll need to confirm your previous details are still correct. So if you’ve moved house, for example, you’ll need to edit your details so that they’re up to date.

You’ll then be able to see the full selection of all your prices, and choose who you wish to get your insurance from.

Is QuickQuote accurate?

QuickQuote is accurate, unless anything about you has changed since you last used Confused.com. For example, if you’ve changed your job, had points on your licence, or anything else which might affect your prices. In which case, you’ll have to come to the site to amend your details.

We also make some assumptions. If your last quote was over 12 months ago, we assume that any years have been claim free, and add these to your No Claims Bonus. Likewise, we add to the years for which you've held your licence. Both of these may have an impact on the price.

What assumptions have you made about me?

If your last quote via the Confused.com website was in the last 12 months we assume nothing has changed since you last visited.

If your last quote via the Confused.com website was over 12 months ago, certain variables will be rolled on a year. These are:

The date your cover's required from
Claims and convictions for the proposer and additional drivers (items older than 5 years are removed)
No Claims Bonus
We assume you have not yet purchased the vehicle. We also assume that the vehicle details are the same as your last recorded quote. These are:

  • If the car has been imported
  • If car is a right or left-hand drive
  • If the car has an alarm and/or immobiliser
  • If the car has a tracker
QuickQuote assumes no other changes are required to your previous quote, including motoring convictions and claims.

What if my details have changed?

Even if your details have changed since you last used Confused.com, QuickQuote will still give you a good idea of what you’re likely to pay for your insurance. However, you will need to update your details on our site before you can buy your policy.

Is there a charge to use QuickQuote?

QuickQuote is free to use on the Confused.com website.

Why doesn't QuickQuote recognise my email address?

To use QuickQuote, you must have a Confused.com account and have obtained a car insurance quote. We use the details from your last car insurance quote to get you a QuickQuote.

If you are unable to obtain a QuickQuote please check that the email address you entered is the one registered to your Confused.com account.

You'll also need to complete a car insurance quote on our site to use QuickQuote.

Why doesn't QuickQuote recognise my car registration?

QuickQuote will only work for car registration plates registered in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

We can recognise the vast majority of car registration numbers. However, our coverage isn’t 100 per cent, and occasionally we might not be able to get a quote for the car in question.
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