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Last reviewed 23 August 2022

Why choose My Policy car insurance?

  • Rewards safe drivers
  • No curfews
  • Free theft tracking

Younger drivers can struggle to find affordable car insurance. As data shows they’re more likely to be involved in car crashes, insurers tend to charge more to cover them.

This is where My Policy come in. Their telematics-only car insurance is designed to help younger drivers lower the cost of their cover.

Sign up for one of their policies and a black box will be fitted to your car.

This then records how you drive - tracking your speed, breaking, acceleration and other metrics to give you a driving score.

The better your score, the lower your renewal price could be. So what you pay will be based on how you drive - not just how old you are.

And it’s not just younger drivers who could benefit either. My Policy offer cover for low mileage drivers over 25 too.

Here, experienced but infrequent drivers can take out cover for a set number of miles. The lower the mileage you plan to drive in a year, the lower your premiums could be.

Worried you’ll need more miles further down the line? You can add these on too, so you’ll never be caught out.

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Who is My Policy?

My Policy is a telematics-only car insurance broker. They offer black box insurance primarily to younger drivers, with the goal of helping them cut the costs of their premiums upon renewal.

They also offer low mileage policies to more experienced drivers.

They’re FCA regulated, and work with a panel of insurers that includes:

  • Axa Car Insurance
  • Highway Insurance Company Limited
  • Ageas Motor Guard Telematics

My Policy policy details

My Policy offers a selection of car insurance policies and types. Not all policies and types are available through our site, so the exact levels of cover and benefits may vary. Before buying car insurance, we recommend you check the cover and benefits included.

All My Policy cover options are black box based.

They break their cover down into two options:

  • Young driver insurance
  • Low mileage insurance

Young driver insurance is aimed at those under 25 who may face high premiums for standard car insurance. With My Policy, younger drivers are given a black box to install in their car. This tracks how they drive, and could reward them with a lower premium upon renewal if they drive well.

Young driver policies also come with a range of benefits, including:

  • Mileage based insurance: select the number of miles you’ll be driving in a year and this will be reflected in the price you pay.
  • No curfews: drive where you want, when you want. Driving at night might affect your driver score, but there’s no curfew preventing you doing it.
  • Access to a driving dashboard: allowing you to monitor your driving score, miles and to see what discounts you’re on track for.
  • 24-hour claim line: so you can make a claim when it suits you.
  • Quick installation: you'll be sent your black box via post, and should be able to install it within minutes. If you’d rather have it professionally installed, you can opt for this too.

Low mileage insurance is aimed at experienced drivers who only cover a limited number of miles per year. The fewer miles you drive, the cheaper your premiums could be.

Low mileage policies include:

  • Free theft tracking: allowing you to locate your vehicle via your black box’s GPS system if it’s stolen.
  • No curfews: drive where and when you want. Night driving could affect your driver score, but you won’t be prohibited from doing it.
  • Quick and easy mileage add-ons: allowing you to increase the number of miles you’re covered for whenever you need to.

Contact My Policy

You can contact my policy via their website, where you’ll be able to read more about their policy options, benefits and the insurance providers they work with.

Alternatively you can email them at to get in touch with them.

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