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Car insurance for disabled drivers

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What do I need to know about disability car insurance?

Motability scheme users don't need it

If you have a car through the Motability Scheme, comprehensive car insurance is provided as part of your lease. This means you’re covered for the term of the lease - usually 3 to 5 years. You can also add up to 3 named drivers to the policy, such as family or carers. They'll be able to drive your car with comprehensive cover too.

You'll need cover for any modifications

If your car has been modified in any way, no matter how minor, you’ll need to declare this when getting a car insurance quote. Then you’ll see quotes from insurers who specialise in modified cars. It’s important that all adaptations are covered, because otherwise your policy may not pay out if they need to be repaired or replaced in the event of a claim.

You can choose between 3 levels of cover

Disability car insurance has 3 cover levels: comprehensive; third party; and third party, fire and theft. It works in the same way as standard car insurance, and you won’t pay more for your insurance due to your disability. But any modifications your car has might push the price up as these can make your car more expensive to fix or replace.

I have a medically restricted licence. Can I still compare quotes?

Yes, if you have a medically restricted licence, you can still compare car insurance quotes. 

It’s also worth bearing in mind that, according to the Disability Discrimination Act 2005, insurers cannot refuse cover on the grounds of your disability. The only exception is if your licence has been revoked by the DVLA due to your disability.

If you do have a restricted licence, insurers need to know about any restrictions on your licence, so you get the right level of cover.

It’s important to report any conditions you may have, as you can be fined up to £1,000 if you do not tell DVLA about a medical condition that affects your driving.

When you get a quote we’ll ask you whether:

  • You’ve been advised not to drive by the DVLA
  • The DVLA know of your disability, but have not restricted your licence
  • The DVLA know of your disability and have restricted your licence for 1, 2 or 3 years
  • You have a disability, but the DVLA are unaware of it

Find out more about what medical conditions need to be declared for car insurance.

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Can I insure a carer to drive my car?

Yes, you can. But it’s important to make sure they have the right level of cover.

For example, it’s a common assumption that if somebody has driving other cars cover as part of their comprehensive policy they can drive your car. But this clause typically only applies in emergencies.

For this reason, it’s important to make sure your carer has adequate cover. There are a few ways to do this:

Insure them as a named driver

If you want your carer to drive your car occasionally, you could add them to your policy as a named driver. In this case, they'd be fully insured to drive your car whenever they needed to. This is a sensible option if they’re not going to be the main driver, say, if you or a family member will be driving the car more than them.

Insure them on a temporary policy

If the carer only needs to drive very occasionally, it may be more practical or cost-effective to insure them with a temporary car insurance policy. This will be separate to your own car insurance policy. One of the upsides of this is that, if they’re involved in a collision, it won’t affect your no-claims bonus.

Insure them as the main driver

If your carer will be doing most of the driving, you can put them as the main driver on your policy. They don’t need to be the car’s owner to do this, or even the policyholder. But it’s important that the person who drives the car most is the main driver, not just a named driver. Otherwise you may be committing the criminal offence of fronting.

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What modifications can I get cover for?

It should be possible to get insurance cover for all disability modifications. Be aware though that modified car insurance tends to be more expensive, as any alterations you make to your car can make it trickier to repair or replace.

You need to declare any modifications when you’re getting a quote, otherwise you risk invalidating your policy.

The two most popular types of modification disabled drivers tend to make to their cars are body modifications and adapted controls.

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Body modifications

This includes any changes to the structure of your car. This could be something like adding a wheelchair ramp or lift to your vehicle.

It could also include a full conversion of a standard van or car into a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV).

If you have these types of modification, simply select ‘modification due to disability’ under the ‘body modifications’ section when we ask you if your car’s been modified.

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Adapted controls

This includes any changes you’ve made to the way the vehicle is controlled. This could be the acceleration, braking or steering of your car.

Things like joystick/tiller controls or throttle and brake hand controls come under this category. 

We don’t ask you about these when you’re comparing quotes with us. But your car insurance provider might. So be sure to declare them whenever you can. 

What our car insurance expert says

"Make sure your policy covers everything you need it to. If your car is specially modified, make sure your policy covers those modifications. If you have courtesy car cover, make sure you’ll get a car with the same adaptations if yours is off the road. You can check all this in your policy documents once you pick an insurer to go with. Or contact them directly and they’ll be happy to help."

Louise Thomas, Motor Insurance Expert at Confused.com
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Do disabled drivers pay more for their car insurance?

Technically, no. Due to the Disability Discrimination Act 2005, insurers mustn't charge you more for insurance because of your condition.

In fact, Blue Badge holders may get a discount on their policies from some providers, as they can often park in safer, more secure parking bays.

But insurance might be more expensive if you're a disabled driver, not because of you, but on account of your vehicle. If you need to modify your car to accommodate your condition, this can increase the car’s value and make it harder to repair. This can push up the price of your insurance.

Certain equipment may also make your car a target for thieves, which increases your risk of making a claim, again pushing up your prices.

There's also the fact that more modern cars may be better suited to your needs. But newer cars are also more likely to fall into higher car insurance groups. The same goes for automatic cars, which some disabled drivers may find easier to drive. The higher the group, the more you'll tend to pay for your insurance.

Check your car's insurance group here:

Car insurance group checker

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Need more help with car insurance for disabled drivers?

Can someone else manage my policy for me?

Yes. Many people with disabilities find it difficult to manage their own policies, due to the communication or admin required. If you want to nominate someone else to handle your policy for you, your insurer should let you do this. They will need to be able to verify your details for data protection though.

Will my policy give me a courtesy car with the same modifications?

Some policies will come with courtesy car cover included, while others will have it as an optional add-on.

As a disabled driver, it’s important to make sure any courtesy car you get has the same adaptations as your own vehicle. For this reason, you should contact your insurance provider to double-check this before you take out your policy.

Some insurance providers may offer a mobility allowance. This means you’ll be able to pay for alternative transport if they’re unable to provide a suitable vehicle.

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