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How much is car insurance for 17-year-olds?

Our latest car insurance price index shows that 17-year-olds are still paying some of the highest prices in their age group.

The report looked at comprehensive insurance prices and found that 17-year-olds paid an average of £1,221.

The cost of car insurance for 17-year-olds can be expensive, which is why it's more important than ever to shop around to find a good deal on insurance.

Explore our price index calculator to see how prices for your region, gender and age have changed.

Illustration of the cost of car insurance for 17, 18 and 19 year olds

How can I save money on car insurance for 17-year-olds?

  • Add an experienced named driver: adding a named driver to your policy can sometimes help lower your price because it reduces the time you’ll spend behind the wheel. This limits the risk for insurers. You should only add drivers who will actually drive the car, otherwise this is seen as ‘fronting’, which is illegal.
  • Advanced driving course: taking an advanced driving course such as Pass Plus is a great way to show your insurance provider you can be safe on the road. This could result in cheaper car insurance.
  • Limit modifications: modifying your car can increase insurance costs, especially performance-based modifications. Avoiding or limiting unnecessary changes to your car can help keep costs down. If in doubt, speak to your provider first to make sure your changes are covered.
  • Keep a clean record: as a new driver, it takes patience and careful driving to build a no-claims bonus (NCB). For every year you don’t make a claim, you’ll build up your NCB, which insurance providers use when considering discounts to your policy.
  • Choose the right car: the car you drive will affect the price you pay for insurance. Cars are grouped 1 – 50 and generally the higher group your car is in, the more you’ll pay for insurance. Things like the engine size can influence which group a car falls into, so you might want to look at smaller, less powerful cars as an option.

Black box insurance for 17-year-olds

Telematics or black box policies are usually aimed at younger drivers and can help make insurance more affordable.

Some policies ask you to fit a small box to your car, while others use an app to monitor driving. This allows the insurer to monitor and analyse your driving habits, looking at things like speed, acceleration and cornering.

Insurers then use this information to work out your insurance price. If you can prove you’re a safe driver then it could result in cheaper car insurance.

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Why is car insurance so expensive for young drivers?

It all comes down to risk. Statistically, young drivers are more likely to be involved in a car accident. One in four 18-24-year olds have an accident within two years of passing their test**.

A higher risk means younger drivers are more likely to make a claim on their insurance. However, accident statistics and age are not the only factors insurers take into consideration when calculating car insurance prices. They also look at: 

  • The car you drive
  • Your occupation
  • Where you live
  • How you use your car (private or business use)
  • Your excess
  • How many miles you driver per year (annual mileage)
  • Who is insured to drive your car
  • Your policy type (comprehensive, third-party or third-party fire and theft).

Our guide on how car insurance is calculated explains things in more detail

**According to data from the road safety charity, Brake.

What type of car insurance cover should I get?

There are three levels of car insurance cover to choose from:

  • Comprehensive car insurance gives you the highest level of protection. It covers damage to your car as well as other people and their property.

  • Third party-only offers the most basic level of protection and it’s the minimum amount of cover legally needed to drive. It insures against any damage you might cause to someone else’s car but it doesn’t cover damage to your car.

  • Third party fire and theft is the same as third-party but also covers your car for repairs or a replacement if it's stolen or damaged by fire.

Comprehensive cover can often work out the cheapest of the three but it’s always worth checking the price for each level of cover.

Cheapest cars to insure for 17-year-olds

Our data shows the following cars are some of the cheapest to insure for 17-year-olds.

Make and model Average price*** 
Volkswagen up! Move up! 60 £830
Citroen C1 Splash £844
Toyota Aygo X-Press VVT-I £853
Fiat 500 pop star £912
Fiat 500 Lounge £919

***Based on data, Jan 2020 - Dec 2020.

What our expert says:

“Getting your first car insurance policy can be expensive – insurers have no record of how you drive so they might see you as a higher risk. Adding a named driver like a parent or guardian to your policy might help bring down the price – but only add people who occasionally drive your car.”
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Alex Kindred, Car insurance Product Manager
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