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Last reviewed 28 June 2022

Why choose Marmalade car insurance?

  • Specialist black box insurance
  • No curfew
  • For drivers between 17 – 30 years

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Who is Marmalade?

Established in 2006 by father and son, Nick and Crispin Moger, Marmalade sells insurance and cars for younger drivers. The founders say there were limited options for young people to get affordable car insurance back in 2006, as many insurers preferred to avoid young drivers. The high costs meant many young drivers were buying older, more dangerous cars to make driving more affordable.

Seeing a gap in the market, the Mogers decided to offer insurance exclusively to young drivers. Marmalade began by selling cars with reduced insurance premiums for young drivers, before moving on to launch short-term Learner Driver insurance.

Today, Marmalade specialises in insuring learner drivers and young drivers.

Marmalade won the Finance Product of the Year for Cars for Young Drivers accolade at the First Car Awards 2019.

Marmalade car insurance policy details

Insurers tend to view young drivers as a higher risk. Marmalade's black box cover allows young drivers to prove they’re safe . This is a great way for young drivers to lower the price of their insurance, whether they are still learning or have passed their test.

Marmalade’s black box cover helps young people improve their driving by sending feedback to a mobile app. There’s also a financial incentive as Marmalade offers an additional discount at renewal to its safest drivers.

Marmalade’s black box insurance means fitting a small telematics tag into your car. The device fits behind the rear-view mirror. It analyses how you drive, your driving style and where you drive. As it’s a self-fit black box, there’s no waiting around for an engineer, which also means you get instant cover.

The device monitors things like speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, mobile phone use and crash detection.

Marmalade says it’s not concerned about minor mistakes if they’re a one off. But if you repeatedly drive at risk, they’ll give you a call to discuss your driving and how you can improve.

Marmalade black box insurance:

  • For drivers between 17-30 years old
  • No curfews or night-time driving restrictions
  • Instant cover
  • Cover for learners and full licence holders
  • Young person insured as main driver

Contact Marmalade

You can contact Marmalade by phone on 0333 358 3441 or chat with them through their website. You can send an email to:

You can also write to them at:

Marmalade House,
Alpha Business Centre,
Mallard Road,
PE3 8AF.

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