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Car insurance for over 60s

Compare cheap quotes for over 60s car insurance

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Is car insurance cheaper for over 60s?

Generally, yes. Once you reach the age of 60, you should get cheaper car insurance. Our data shows that the average cost of comprehensive car insurance for drivers in their 60s is £416, compared to £500 for drivers in their 50s and £633 for drivers in their 40s.

Here's how much drivers in different age groups paid for their car insurance, on average. That's according to our price index data from the first quarter of 2023:

Age Average Cost1

1Based on Q1 2023 Confused.com price index.

Why is car insurance cheaper for over 60s?

There are several factors that affect the price you pay for car insurance, such as:

  • Your age and experience. Drivers in their 60s usually have more experience on the road than younger drivers, and this means that they're statistically less likely to get into accidents and make claims. Our data shows that drivers in their 60s have held their licence for an average of 24.5 years2.
  • Your occupation, as working a job that's considered high risk, or one that requires you to be driving a lot, can increase your costs. If you're retired, this can reduce your insurance costs, especially if you find that you're driving fewer miles once retired. On average, drivers in their 60s who are retired pay £265.282.
  • Where you live. Your postcode influences your risk of making a claim, so living in a rural area with low rates of vehicle theft tends to be less risky than built-up areas.
  • The car you drive. Insurers split cars into groups from 1-50, and the higher the group, the more expensive your car might be to insure.
  • No-claims bonus. Drivers in their 60s tend to have had more years driving to build up their no-claims discount. The longer you've gone without claiming on your car insurance, the bigger your no-claims bonus is. Our data shows that someone with 10 years' no-claims bonus pays £295.84, on average, compared to £383.08 for someone with 5 years2.
  • If you’ve had any driving convictions, like for speeding or drink-driving, your insurance costs are likely to be higher. The average cost of insurance for drivers who've had a speeding conviction (SP30) is £6842.

2Based on Confused.com data February - May 2023

How do I get cheaper car insurance when I’m over 60?

Although drivers in their 60s typically benefit from some of the cheapest car insurance prices, there are still ways you can save money:

  • Accurately estimate your mileage
  • Make sure your occupation is correct
  • Avoid auto-renewal
  • Pay annually rather than monthly
  • Consider a telematics policy

Accurately estimate your mileage. If you’re over 60 or have retired, you may be driving fewer miles than you used to. The lower your estimated mileage, the more your could save, so try to be as accurate as you can. Make sure you don't underestimate your mileage though, as this could invalidate your policy.

Make sure your occupation is correct. Insurers use your job title to help calculate the cost of your insurance. So make sure you choose ‘retired’ – if that applies to you – instead of ‘unemployed’. On average, drivers in their 60s who put 'retired' as their occupation pay £265.28, compared to £436.26 for those who put 'unemployed'3.

You should also remember to let your insurer know if you retire during your policy.

Avoid auto-renewal and compare quotes as you may find a better deal elsewhere. Remember, it's compulsory for insurers to show you how much you paid for your policy the previous year. This makes it easier to work out if you’re paying more or less to renew. Our data suggests that the best time to buy a new policy is 26 days before your renewal date3.

Pay annually rather than monthly for your insurance if you can. You could save up to 16%3 by choosing to pay annually, as insurers normally add fees and interest to monthly payments.

Consider a telematics policy. These types of policies are often aimed at young drivers who have less experience on the road, but they could also be worth considering if you're over 60. If you have a low annual mileage, you might find a better deal with a pay-per-mile black box policy than a traditional car insurance policy.

Find out more ways to cut the cost of your car insurance.

3Based on Confused.com data February 2023 - May 2023

We compare up to 150 trusted insurance companies, including specialist over 60s insurers

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Could I benefit from a specialist over 60s car insurance policy?

Some providers, such as Saga or Rias, cater specifically to over 60s. With a specialist policy, you might find that certain optional extras are included as standard, such as:

  • A fixed price for 3 years. So as long as your circumstances don't change, you don't have to worry about your insurance price going up.
  • Vandalism promise. You can keep your no-claims discount if you make a claim following damage caused to your car by vandalism.
  • Unlimited windscreen cover. Protects your no-claims discount if you make a claim for your windscreen.
  • Guaranteed courtesy car. Ensures you can get home or carry on with your journey following an accident.

There's no upper age limit on car insurance, so if you have a good driving history you should find cheap car insurance with most insurers. Specialist providers don't always offer the best or cheapest car insurance for over 60s, so it's always worth comparing prices.

What details do I need to provide to compare quotes?

If you’ve had a quote through our website before, you can log in to make things quicker. Just make sure you check your details are all up to date. If it’s your first time getting a quote with us, you’ll need to provide us with a few details.

Personal details:

  • Any motoring convictions - including the number of points on your licence
  • Details of any claims or accidents for the last 5 years
  • Your driving licence type and number
  • Details of your no-claims bonus
  • Details of any medical issues that might affect your ability to drive or restrict your licence

Car details:

  • Registration number or make and model of your car
  • Any modifications you’ve made to your car
  • Estimated annual mileage

Once you’ve answered these questions, we’ll compare quotes from up to 150 insurers to find you our best deals. You can also edit your quote if you need to.

Compare cheap quotes for over 60s car insurance

What policy extras should I consider if I'm over 60?

Policy add-ons offer peace of mind when you’re on the road. Remember, only choose extras you need, as they’ll increase the cost of your insurance.

  • Breakdown cover provides assistance to get you driving again if your car breaks down There are a few levels of cover to choose from including local recovery, national recovery and European cover.
  • Courtesy car cover can keep you driving while your car gets repaired after an accident.
  • Motor legal protection helps you recover losses that your car insurance doesn't cover. This includes medical expenses or compensation for injuries caused to you or a passenger.

Some policies include these add-ons as standard. But if there are any extras you want, it’s easy to choose an add-on once you’ve got a quote. We’ll then recalculate your prices to show policies that include them.

Who is Confused.com?

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What our expert says:

Being in your 60s might mean you've got years of driving experience under your belt. The good news is it also means that insurers generally see you as lower-risk and might reward you with cheaper insurance. That doesn't mean there aren't further savings to be made though. Comparing prices is the easiest way to see what savings are out there to be had and it only takes a few minutes.

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