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Top 10 bad driving habits


Bad driving habits are common and bug us all. But what are the top 10 worst habits on the road?

 Driver using the car horn

What really grinds drivers’ gears are often other drivers who display less than courteous behaviour on the road.

Traffic jams can be annoying but having a bad driver in front or behind you can really ruin one’s day.

Failing to indicate irritates

It’s easy to forget that it's not only motorists who suffer when the car in front fails to indicate.

How many times have pedestrians stood, waiting at the kerb for a car that wasn’t indicating, not knowing whether it was safe to cross the road or not?

Bad driving habits affect everyone.

So it's little surprise that lack of signals is the nation's second most-hated motoring habit, just behind tailgating.

We’ve covered tailgating as one of these annoyances before, it’s in the list of rage-causing habits on our streets.

But failing to indicate is another bugbear, and one that also drives's head of van and bike insurance, Matt Lloyd mad.

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Assumption other road users are psychic

cars in traffic jam 

Lloyd says: "Some drivers just seem to assume that others on the road are psychic and NEVER indicate. 

"At motorway speeds this isn't just irritating: it's insanely dangerous.

"This is especially the case in situations where you have an inside-lane driver and an outside-lane driver moving into the middle lane, neither indicating. 

"Then there's parking. Many times I've pulled up on a road next to a car with a space behind so I can reverse into it, indicating my intentions with plenty of time, I might add.

"Yet the car behind me has stopped so close to me they’re blocking the parking space. That's happened to me three times in a row recently on a local road." 

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Top 10 bad driving habits

Apart from tailgating and failing to indicate, what else drives UK drivers mad? We found the top 10 worst driving habits that really wind up the public.

1. Tailgating

2. Failing to indicate

3. Hogging the middle lane

4. Dangerous overtaking

5. Hogging the outside lane

6. Jumping traffic lights

7. Undertaking

8. Being slow away from traffic lights

9. Hesitant braking

10. Last-minute braking

The law on indicating – or failing to

Motoring lawyer Jeanette Miller says: "I think the reason this motoring misdemeanour tops the chart of bad driving habits is the element of inconsideration and laziness of the driver who fails to indicate. 

"Indicating is covered by Rules 103-106 of the Highway Code.

"While there's no specific motoring offence of "failing to indicate" any breach of the Highway Code can be seen as committing the offence of careless driving.

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Careless driving

Careless driving is defined as using a vehicle 'on a road or other public place without due care and attention, or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the road or place'.

Miller adds: "The penalty for careless driving is between three and nine points on your licence and a maximum fine of £5,000."

Police can also issue on-the-spot fines of £100 and three penalty points for offences like tailgating and middle-lane hogging.

As the Highway Code states: Mirrors – signal – manoeuvre. If all drivers heeded this, our roads would be much safer for everyone.

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Strange behaviour

If you think this kind of behaviour is ridiculous on the road, what would it look like in everyday life?

First published on the 24th of October 2014


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