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Jeep insurance groups

Generally, the lower your insurance group, the cheaper your cover, but details like your age, location and driving history are also factors to consider when getting a quote.

The tables below contain each different Jeep model, and could help to give you a better idea of which insurance group your vehicle might be in.

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Jeep Compass

The Compass is a small SUV designed for those who don’t intend to go off-road much but want the practicality and capability that such vehicles offer. Now in its second generation, the Compass has not been resoundingly popular in the UK, but Jeep hope the latest version, released in 2011, can change that.

Specification Engine Capacity Typical Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range*
70th Anniversary 2.2 H 27
Limited 2.0-2.4 G-L 18-27
Sport 2.0 H 21
Sport Plus 2.0-2.2 G-H 21-26

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep has always been known for building ‘proper’ off-roaders, and the Grand Cherokee has often been thought of as the ‘properest’ of the off-roaders that they build. Jeeps aren’t a common sight on UK roads (or off them), but when you see one, chances are it’s the Grand Cherokee. It's one of Jeep's most popular vehicles in the UK.

The Grand Cherokee has been in production since 1993 and the fifth generation went on sale in the UK in 2011. Considered to be a lot more road friendly than previous generations, it can still handle anything the countryside wants to put in its way – hillocks, hummocks, soft verges, steep inclines… you name it, the Jeep will dominate it.

Specification Engine Capacity Typical Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range*
Standard 3.0 35 K-M
Predator 3.0 36 K-M
Limited 2.7-4.7 31-41 K-M
S Limited 3.0 40 M
Limited XS 2.7-4.7 31-33 K
 Overland 2.7-5.7 31-42 K
Overland Summit 3.0 42 K
Sport 2.7-4.0 31 K
60th Anniversary 4.7 33 K
Platinum 2.7 31 K
HO Platinum 4.7 33 K
SRT 6.1-6.4 46-50 M

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The Wrangler is to Jeep what the Defender is to Land Rover: a tough, basic, no nonsense off-roader. It’s built to do a job and to do it well!

The Wrangler has been manufactured since 1987 and is successor to the famous Second World War ‘Jeep’.

2011 saw the latest generation of Wrangler hit the forecourts, and perhaps the most noticeable change is the addition of a 4-door version, meaning it's easier than ever to take you children off-road too. 

Specification Engine Capacity Typical Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range*
Rubicon 3.8 18 M
Ultimate 2.8 20 L
Sport 2.5-4.0 18-29 J-M
Sahara 2.8-4.0 18-29 K-M
70th Anniversary 2.8 25 K
Overland 2.8 25 K
Extreme Sport 4.0 29 K
Grizzly 4.0 29 K
60th Anniversary 4.0 29 K
Renegade 4.0 29 K
Jamboree 4.0 29 K-M

*Information sourced from

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Jeep: did you know?

  • Established - 1941
  • Founder - Willys-Overland
  • Headquarters - Toledo, USA

The first Jeep was manufactured in 1941 for the US Army during World War II, but the Jeep brand as we know it started in 1945 with the Civilian Jeep, or 'CJ', making it the world's oldest off-road vehicle brand.

The origin of the name is unclear. Some think that the vehicles bore the designation 'GP' and that 'Jeep' is a slurred version of this. Others think that 'Jeep' came from the nickname, 'Eugene the Jeep', a character from Popeye, that troops gave to the vehicles.

Jeeps today sport the same solid front and rear axles that they did when originally created, making them easier to modify after market, according to the driver's needs. Today, Jeep is owned by Chrysler. QuickQuote Logo

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