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Honda car insurance

Arguably Japan’s most innovative car manufacturer, Honda is at the forefront of engineering technology and development.
Established in 1948, Honda was the brainchild of Soichiro Honda, who had a passion for engineering and motorbikes. Creating cars came later as the market developed and the firm wanted to keep up.
With iconic cars like the NSX, Civic Type-R and Mugen, it’s really made a name for itself in the world. Honda is a leader in technology, and their cars are renowned for being some of the most reliable on the market.

Below we’ve pulled together information on past and present Honda models. This also includes an average car insurance price for each car across different age groups. These prices are an average based on all specifications of that model, and all our customer quotes from 1/1/17 – 30/06/17. This includes different locations, driving background and other factors. Your own quote could be cheaper or more expensive depending on your personal circumstances.




Read our review Honda Civic 1972-present

The standard Honda Civic is one of Honda's most popular cars, and has sold millions since it was first introduced in 1973. Different variants of the Civic range from insurance groups 8 to 40, with the Type R being the highest. This is probably because it can hit 0-60mph in 5.7 seconds.

Insurance price will depend on a number factors, including age, driving history, employment status etc. A younger driver with no experience will pay higher premiums than a driver with 10 years’ of claim-free driving.

If you're 31-35 and looking to buy a Civic, your yearly premiums could be around £899*. Whereas if you're between 51 and 75, you could be getting a quote for around £600*.

Honda civic
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Read our review Honda Jazz 2001-present

The Honda Jazz is a supermini from the Japanese car manufacturer, and is available in a large range of model grades. These include the S, ES, S-T A/C, EX, EXL-T and variations of these.

There’s also a hybrid version which comes available as a HE, HS, HS-T, HX, and HX-T. With such a wide variety of models, the Honda Jazz is a car with something to offer almost everyone on every kind of budget.

The Jazz ranges from insurance group 13-19, which means a 21-30 year old could be paying around £1,224*, dependent of the model/age of the car. If you're between 51 and 60, you could be looking at £530* for your premiums.
Honda jazz
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Read our review Honda CR-V 1995-present

The Honda CR-V is a 4WD off-road car that isn’t meant to go off-road – the third generation has re-classed the CR-V as a crossover SUV.

Previously it was always meant to be a ‘proper’ off-road vehicle. However, it’s generally regarded as a highly-practical car that can move people and things around in comfort and safety.

The CR-V insurance group ranges from 19-30 depending on model. This will put insurance cost for 21-35 year olds at around £1,014*, whereas the average for a person aged 36-40 could get a premium of around £651*.
Honda CR-V
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Honda Accord 1976-present

The Accord is well known for its build quality, economical engines and reliability. The 2009 model scored five stars for adult safety by Euro NCAP, and four for child safety. 

As it sits within insurance groups 22-27, insurance prices will vary. A 31-35 year old could get insurance for around £971*, whereas those aged between 46 and 75 could be looking at a yearly premium of £586*.
Honda accord

Honda NS-X 1990-2005; 2016-present

A powerful sports hybrid, The NS-X is a blend of sports performance and everyday driving comfort. It boasts 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds, which is pretty impressive for a hybrid.

This NS-X is powerful, so car insurance for young people or inexperienced drivers will be pretty high.

Honda NS-X

Honda HR-V 1998-2004; 2016-present

The world’s most popular small SUV in 2015-2016, 1.5 million have been sold since production started. After taking a 10-year break, the HR-V is back with a fresh look. 

If you're interested in owning HR-V, it might be worth noting that it sits in insurance group 16-22. Our data suggests you could see car insurance costs for 41-45 year olds at around £630*, depending on your model’s specifications and your current circumstances.

Honda HR-V

Read our review Honda CR-Z 2010-2016

The Honda CR-Z is a sporty-looking hybrid coupe introduced in the UK in 2010, and then discontinued 2016. Although short lived, you'd never guess it was a hybrid just by the way it looks.

In any review you read, comments feature on how nice this car is on the eyeballs, inside and out. They also agree it’s a fun car to drive, which isn’t often said about vehicles with a hybrid engine.

With the CR-Z sitting in insurance groups 16-20, the average 31-35 year old could be paying around £591* a year to insure their CR-Z.
Honda CR-Z
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Honda cars: did you know?

Honda engines have been ranked as the most fuel-efficient since 1984, and now Honda leads the development of hydrogen cell-fuelled cars with zero emissions. Not surprising when Honda spends 5% of revenue on  research and development.

Honda has won multiple awards over the years. Not only were the awards for individual car models, but they’re also recognising Honda for its customer care and quality.

In addition, Honda has a promise called Honda Happiness. This is a set of values applied to their services, such as fixed-price repairs and servicing to ensure there are no hidden costs. It also covers various products designed to help protect your car.

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*These prices are an average based on all specifications of that model, and all our customer quotes from 1/1/17 – 30/06/17. This includes different locations, driving background and other factors. Your own quote could be cheaper or more expensive depending on your personal circumstances.