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Alfa Romeo logo
  • An iconic Italian producer of famously stylish cars
  • Compare dozens of policies and providers of Alfa Romeo insurance
  • Find out insurance information about Alfa models including the 147, 156, 159, Giulietta and Mito
Aston Martin logo
  • Aston recently celebrated their 100th anniversary
  • They are releasing special anniversary editions of many of their vehicles
  • Compare quotes and get our best deal on Aston insurance in minutes
Audi logo
  • Owned by Volkswagen, Audi have 7 production facilities in 6 countries
  • Almost 1.5 million Audis were produced in 2012
  • Compare Audi insurance quotes from dozens of our trusted providers
Bentley logo
  • Instantly recognisable with their classic design
  • Bentley also produced aero-engines druing World War One
  • Bentleys have transported some of the world’s biggest political figures, including the Queen
BMW logo


  • BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works
  • Founded in Munich, 1916, and produced their first car, the 3/15 in 1927
  • One quick online form and we'll get our best BMW insurance quotes to you in minutes 
Chevrolet logo
  • During WW2, Chevy produced 75mm shells for the war effort
  • GM's 50-millionth car was a 1955 Chevy Bel Air Sport Coupe
  • Chevrolet is the most successful company to be involved in NASCAR
Citroen logo
  • Citroen produced armaments for France during World War 1
  • In 1919, General Motors almost bought out Citroen
  • The Citroën B10 was the first all-steel body car produced in Europe
Fiat logo
  • Fiat has won 8 European Car awards.
  • TwinAir engine uses 69mpg of fuel.
  • Fiat also owns Ferrari.
Ford logo
  • Ford’s global HQ is in Dearborn, USA
  • 5th largest car manufacturer in the world (2010)
  • Ford has won 5 European Car awards
Honda logo
  • Creators of the famous robot, ASIMO
  • 6th largest car manufacturer, globally
  • Has won multiple awards over the years
Hyundai logo
  • Hyundai has showrooms in 193 countries
  • Established in 1967
  • The 1975 Pony was the first Korean car
Jaguar logo
  • In recent years, Jaguar has been the supplier of cars to the Prime Minister
  • They also hold Royal Warrants from Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles
  • The Jaguar E-type has been described as the most beautiful car ever built
Jeep logo
  • Oldest off-road vehicle brand
  • Used as military vehicles since 1940
  • Currently owned by Chrysler
Kia logo


  • Kia means "rising out of Asia"
  • Its US plant cost $1 billion
  • Its cars' distinctive front end is called the "tiger nose"
Landrover logo
  • Made in the UK
  • First model built in 1948
  • Has a special sales division for military and diplomatic personnel
Lexus logo
  • Voted Best Automotive Brand in UK 2013 by Auto Express readers
  • Auto Express Manufacturer of the Decade, 2000-2010
  • Luxury arm of Toyota
Mazda logo
  • Founded in Fuchu, Japan, 1920
  • Its name is derived from its founder, Jujiro Matsuda
  • Cosmo was the first rotary-engine car
Mercedes-Benz logo
  • Based in Stuttgart, Germany
  • Builder of the Popemobile
  • Supplier to Mercedes F1 team
Mini logo
  • Star role in The Italian Job
  • Owned by BMW
  • 2013 What Car? Award for Best Convertible
Mitsubishi logo
  • Won 37 World Rally events since 1973
  • Japan's 6th biggest car manufacturer
  • Factories in USA, Holland and Thailand
Nissan logo
  • Infiniti is Nissan’s luxury range
  • GT-R won many car of the year awards
  • In 1999, Nissan aligned with Renault
Peugeot logo
  • Peugeot began life as a coffee mill company
  • Winner of 3 European Car of the Year awards
  • Concept store is on the Champs Elysee
Porsche logo
  • Porsche employs over 11,000 staff
  • It is the world’s largest race car manufacturer
  • Porsche has won the Le Mans 24hr race 16 times
Reliant logo
  • British car manufacturer no longer in business
  • Built the infamous Reliant Robin three wheeler
  • Enjoys a cult following
Renault logo
  • Renault's HQ is in Paris
  • Has a strong motorsport heritage
  • Renault has won 6 Euro Car of the Year awards over the years
Skoda logo
  • Often credited with having built the first motorcycle
  • Skodas were used as ambulances in Czechoslovakia
  • The latest range of Skodas have seen record sales levels
Smart logo
  • Unconventional-looking city cars
  • Owned by Daimler, the same company that owns Mercedes 
  • Based in Boblingen, Germany
Subaru logo
  • Subaru is the name for the Pleiades star cluster in Japanese
  • Originally, "Subaru" was the name of the vehicle model, rather than the manufacturer
  • Their first car was the Subaru 1500 in 1954
Suzuki logo
  • Suzuki sponsors events like Skiing, biathlon and luge
  • The 9th largest automobile manufacturer in the world
  • Suzuki also manufactures wheelchairs
Toyota logo
  • Toyota is the largest car manufacturer in the world 
  • Has been pioneering in producing 'green' cars 
  • Produced the Corolla, the widest selling car in the world
Vauxhall logo
  • One of the most popular car brands in the UK
  • Vauxhall models are almost identical to Opel models
  • Katie Melua was made brand ambassador in 2011
Volkswagen logo
  • Volkswagen has produced several of the most iconic vehicles in history 
  • Volkswagen means 'people's car' 
  • 21m Beetles made in 65 years
Volvo logo
  • Sweden's most famous auto manufacturer
  • Takes car safety very seriously and has introduced many such innovations to the market
  • Employs over 19,000 staff

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