A TINDER Experiment Driving Attraction (and the wheels to get you in motion...)

Ever wondered if your car really affects your love life? Worried Jaguar Jo is picking up more dates than you? We’ve conducted an extensive study to see if your whip really does harm your chances of landing that hot date.

How we did it...

We used one guy and one girl as our guinea pigs. We set up 36 fake Tinder profiles (soz), featuring the same two people. But they were photographed with a different car in each profile photo.

Out of those, 18 were looking for a same-sex match and the other half were looking for the opposite sex. We took the most popular cars from our car insurance database to find out which everyday car would get the most matches.

Once the results were in we ranked the most popular cars based on the number of matches they had for each profile.

The Results

  • Guys
  • Overall
  • Girls

WHY AND HOW A Tinder Investigation 72,000 Swipes tell a story

Confused.com are motoring experts and we’ve used our expertise to help drivers find love. If your date picks you up in their car, it could reveal more about them than you’d first think. Anything from the kind of car you drive to your choice of music, could make a good - or bad - first impression.

When you pull up outside, think to yourself: Does your date care what car you drive? Has it been cleaned for the occasion or are there leftover fast food containers everywhere?

In the harsh world of casual dating, judgements could be formed before the date has even begun. The Spotify playlist you choose to play, or how fast you take a corner, could have an impact on your date.

With millions of monthly users, Tinder is the most popular dating app in the world. We decided to do a little experiment:

Does the kind of car in your Tinder profile picture get you more matches?

Our Willing Candidates Say Hi to Kalli and Kalum

Match Rates:
26.7% Looking for guys
6.8% Looking for girls
Match Rates:
25.5% Looking for guys
3% Looking for girls

So … what were the results?

We’ve ranked the car makes and models based on the number of matches they had.

For those looking for a date with the opposite sex, the experiment found that the Audi A4 came out on top for the male profiles. And the Ford Focus seems to be the car that got the matches rolling in for the females.

For same-sex relationships, the Nissan Micra stormed ahead for the ladies and the Ford Fiesta seems to be the car to have when looking for a guy.

Explore the data further to see if your car made the list and where it ranked. And if you’re looking for a date on Tinder, you might want to change your profile picture - or your car.

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