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Established in 1967, Hyundai is South Korea’s biggest car manufacturer, with a range of great value cars of all sizes selling to 193 countries worldwide. Back in1998 Hyundai bought their rival, Kia motors which secured their place as the largest car manufacturer in Korea. They currently operate the world's largest integrated automobile manufacturing factory and employ over 75,000 people worldwide.

Despite being a Korean manufacturer they're steeped in British history. After producing their first car, the Cortina, while teamed up with Ford, Hyundai decided they wanted to develop their own cars. They turned to the former director of Austin Morris, George Turnbull, who in turn hired five other Brits to head up the development of their first self-developed car. What they created was the Pony which was released in 1975. Ten years later, they'd made their millionth car.

Look at the tables below for some information on cars in their current range, which could impact your running costs and insurance premiums.

Hyundai Accent

While the Accent is not a performance leader, it is generally considered to offer great value for money to run on a day-to-day basis and, as all Accents also came with a five year warranty from new, if you hunt around you might find one still covered.

Accent Model Engine Capacity Typical Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range*
Atlantic 1.4 17 F-G
Hatchback 1.3-1.6 8-12 E-I
Saloon 1.6 10-12 G

Hyundai Coupe

The coupe is a stylish two-door that can still turn heads today. If you're looking for a compact coupé but are tied down by a budget, this could be just the car for you.

The Coupe is comparably cheap to run when held up to similar cars. The 1.6 litre S model is the pick of the bunch for those looking for lower premiums due to its low insurance grouping.

Coupe Model Engine Capacity Typical Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range*
Standard trim 1.6-2.7 19-28 I-L
S 1.6 16 I
Si 1.6 19 I
SE 1.6-2.0 20-24 J-I
F2 2.0 23 J
Atlantic 2.0 23 J
Yellow 2.7 28 K
Siii 1.6-2.7 16-26 I-L
TSiii 2.0 23 J

Hyundai Getz

The Getz is one of Hyundai’s most popular cars and there are many reasons why. It can be relatively cheap to run, fuel efficient and quite spacious (for a supermini).

Its small engine and typically low insurance grouping make it very competitive to insure when compared to other superminis.

Getz Model Engine Capacity Typical Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range*
GSI 1.1-1.5 8-17 C-G
SE 1.1 10 D-E
Atlantic 1.1 10 D-E
CDX 1.1-1.6 9-14 E-I
CDX+ 1.5 17 C
Sport 1.3-1.6 10-12 F-G

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The i10 is obviously built with economy in mind, which is reflected in its limited engine range. One of the benefits of this is that i10's are situated towards the lower end of insurance groupings and therefore may be cheaper to insure.

I10 Model Engine Capacity Typical Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range*
Blue 1.0 9 A
Classic 1.1-1.2 8-12 B-C
ES 1.1 8 C
Active 1.2 12 B-D
Comfort 1.1-1.2 8-11 C-E
Edition 1.1 9 C
Style 1.1-1.2
9-12 B-D
S 1.0 1 B
S Air 1.0 1 B
SE 1.0-1.2 1-4 A-F
Premium 1.0-1.2 1-4 B-C
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Hyundai i20

Sitting in a highly competitive market as it does, the i20 steals a march on its nearest competitors by benefiting from high equipment levels including electric front windows, ESP (electronic stability program) and six air bags available on the entry level models. Coupled with good rear passenger space, it makes an ideal family runabout appealing directly to younger families. 

I20 Model Engine Range Typical Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range*
Classic 1.1-1.4 4-10 A-C
Active 1.1-1.4 5-8 A-E
Blue 1.1-1.4 5-12 A
Comfort 1.2-1.4 9-12 B-E
Limited Edition 1.2 9 C
ED 1.2 9 C
Style 1.2 1.4 B-D

Read our review Hyundai i30

The i30 falls into the small family car sector and was designed and engineered at the Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Centre in Germany. It’s available as three and five door hatchbacks, and an estate.

The second generation i30 was unveiled in 2011 at the Frankfurt International Motor Show and went on sale in Europe in early 2012.

i30 Model Engine Range Typical Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range*
Classic 1.4-1.6 7-14 A-E
Edition 1.4-1.6 7-16 A-F
Comfort 1.4-1.6 13-17 C-G
SE 1.4-1.6 7-13 C-F
Style 1.4-2.0 7-20 A-G
ES 1.4 13 F
Premium 1.6-2.0 11-21 C-G
Active 1.4-1.6 7-11 A-G
Sport 1.6 10.13 B-F
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Hyundai i40

The i40 falls into the large family car sector and is available in both four-door saloon and five-door estate. The i40 also has a strong following in the business car market, winning the Business Car Manager – Best Estate Car award in 2012.

I40 Model Engine Range Typical Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range*
Active 1.6-1.7 12-16 C-E
Style 1.6-1.7 13-16 C-G
Premium 1.7 13-17 C-G
Premium SE 1.7 18 C-G

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Introduced in 2010, the ix35 is a crossover that was introduced to replace the Tucson. However, it is also the car that represented a big leap forward for the Korean car manufacturer in terms of quality and design.

ix35 Model Engine Range Typical Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range*
S 1.6-1.7 16-18 E-G
Style 1.6-2.0 14-21 E-J
SE 1.6-2.0 16-21 E-I
1.7-2.0 17-21 F-I
Premium 1.7-2.0 14-22 G-J
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The Santa-fe is now in its third generation, having originally come to the market in 2000, the latest incarnation went on sale in June 2012. Fitting robustly into the European four wheel drive market, its success is proven by the longevity of production.

The Santa-fe has a strong following and was the winner of the Auto Express - Best Large SUV Award 2013.

Santa-Fe Model Engine Range Typical Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range*
Standard trim 2.4-2.7 23-25 K
GSI 2.0-2.4 21-26 J-K
TD 2.0 21 K
CDX 2.0-2.7 21-27 J-L
CDX+ 2.2-2.7 25-27 J-L
Style 2.2 18-29 G-J
Limited 2.2 28 G-K
Premium  2.2 19-30 J-I
Premium SE 2.2 20 G-I

* All stats taken from the site based on current models.

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Hyundai cars: did you know?

  • Established in 1967
  • Founded by Chung Ju-yung
  • Based in South Korea
  • Sells vehicles in 193 countries across the globe

Hyundai, with its partnership with Kia, operates the world’s largest car manufacturing plant in South Korea. The factory builds more than 1.6 million cars annually – all this in addition to Hyundai’s factories in locations around the world. Hyundai also has showrooms in 193 countries.

Hyundai is now one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, also building vans, trucks and buses in addition to its large car market offering. QuickQuote Logo

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