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The best sat nav for you in 2022

These sat navs should get you from A to B with no fuss. 

Sat nav on dashboard

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There’s so much tech-talk around sat navs, it’s difficult to know which one to choose. 

If you’re baffled, don’t worry. We’ve cherry picked some of our favourite sat navs, with a range of features depending on your budget. 

In a hurry? Take a look at our key features summary

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What is the best sat nav for 2022?


1. Garmin Drive 51LMT-S

Garmin drive sat nav  

Key features: 

  • £97.99*

  • Maps: UK and Ireland, free lifetime updates 

  • Speed camera alerts: yes 

  • Traffic updates: yes 

  • Screen size: 5”  

Check prices for the Garmin Drive 51LMT-S on Amazon



The Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S is a straightforward sat nav, but don’t be fooled, it’s packed full of features. 

The nifty sat nav pairs to your smartphone so you can get traffic alerts, parking information and even Trip Advisor ratings. That’s before you even get behind the wheel. 

The Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S is a must for meticulous planners. It's also good for nervous or stressed drivers, as it takes away some of the uncertainty if you’re travelling somewhere new. 

The driver-awareness features alert you to hazards like speed changes, rail crossings, school crossings and even sharp bends in the road. This is useful if you’re travelling on an unfamiliar route.


2. TomTom GO Basic 

Tom Tom Go Basic sat nav 

Key features: 

  • £149.99*

  • Maps: lifetime maps for Europe 

  • Speed camera alerts: free for three months 

  • Traffic updates: yes 

  • Screen size: 5”  

Check prices for the TomTom GO Basic on Amazon



We're all keen to hit the road this summer, even if it’s just within the UK. 

The TomTom RoadTrips community comes in handy for this. Wherever you are, you can take a new route shared by the community. You can share your favourite routes too. 

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t use your mobile phone while driving. But if you sync your phone with the TomTom GO Basic, it’ll read out your messages to you while you drive. Avoiding any unwanted distraction. 

Backed by comprehensive levels of traffic data, the TomTom boasts trusted arrival times. So you can arrive on time and stress free. 


3. TomTom GO Premium 

Tom Tom go premium 

Key features:

  • £329.99

  • Maps: free world map updates 

  • Speed cameras: lifetime speed camera alerts 

  • Traffic updates: yes 

  • Screen size: 5” or 6” 

Check prices for the 6" TomTom GO Premium on Amazon


Another one from the TomTom family, this supremely accurate sat nav can intelligently plan your routes. 

You can also take it with you if you’re travelling some distance on foot. Particularly useful if you’re having to park a little way from your destination.

You can hook up your GO Premium with an integration platform called IFTT (If This Then That). 

IFTT syncs your sat nav with your thermostat, your garage doors and even your lights and virtual assistants.

So you can pull up to a cosy house, without having to lift a finger – well, apart from the one you use to set your sat nav. 

As well as the RoadTrips feature which we previously mentioned, the GO Premium comes with My Drive. This handy app helps you to plan your route before you get behind the wheel. 


4. OHREX Navigation assistant 

Ohrex sat nav 

Key features:

  • £69.99*

  • Maps: free maps for UK, Ireland, Europe and North America 

  • Speed cameras: warning provided if the speed limit changes 

  • Traffic updates: no 

  • Screen size: 7”  

Check prices for the OHREX Navigation assistant on Amazon


The OHREX is one of the more versatile sat navs on our list. It works in trucks, HGVs, motorhomes, emergency vehicles, buses and taxis. 

The FM transmitter hooks the sat nav to your car stereo. Your directions will come through crystal clear on your vehicle’s speakers. Handy if you have a noisy car. 

The OHREX also comes with driver assistance. The lane-guidance function will help you prepare for any slip roads or tricky roundabouts.

You’ll also be on the best route possible with the intelligent route-planning function. 


5. NAVPAL Slimline

Navpal sat nav 

Key features:

  • £89.99*

  • Maps: worldwide, free lifetime updates 

  • Speed camera alerts: yes

  • Traffic updates: no 

  • Screen size: 7”  

Check prices for the NAVPAL slimline on Amazon


The high-definition touchscreen on the NAVPAL is by far its most useful feature. Even in bright sunlight, you're still able to see where you’re going. 

Like the OHREX system, the NAVPAL is versatile, so you can use it in most vehicles. 

It also provides lane guidance and accurate travel times, so you can be sure to reach your destination on time. 

It also has a points-of-interest directory. So, if you’ve taken a spontaneous road trip you can find somewhere interesting to visit in a matter of minutes. 


Best sat navs for 2022 key features summary

Still bamboozled by the world of sat navs? Here are each model's key features so you can compare. 

Sat nav Maps Speed camera alerts Traffic updates Screen size
Garmin Drive 51LMT-S 
UK and Ireland 
TomTom Go Basic
3 months
TomTom Go Premium
OHREX Navigation assistant
UK, Ireland, Europe and North America
NAVPAL Slimline

Best sat navs on a budget

If you’re on a budget, you can still find a good sat nav for under £100.

The Luxauto sat nav is £48.99* and has a number of decent features. For example:

  • HD touch screen
  • Free lifetime map updates
  • A 12-month warranty 
Check prices for the Luxauto sat nav on Amazon

Safegoo’s 7 inch sat nav comes in at £68.98*. The main features of this sat nav are:

  • The 7 inch screen
  • Free lifetime map updates
  • Smart technology - for example, maps become bigger and clearer for complicated road junctions.
Check prices for Safegoo's sat nav on Amazon

Is it still worth buying a sat nav?

Probably the biggest competition to the sat nav is the mobile phone navigation app. 

With apps like Google Maps and Waze that are easy to use and usually free, it’s hard to argue the case for sat nav devices. But there are pros and cons to both.

As we mentioned, mobile phone apps are usually free, and because they’re on your mobile you don’t need a separate device that could take up space in your car.

But these apps can take up a fair amount of storage space on your phone. If you have a dedicated sat nav, this won’t happen.

Sat navs generally have more advanced navigation features than a mobile phone apps. The traffic information is often better too.

Another bonus of a separate sat nav device is that you can leave it in the car when you park.

With a phone you often have to disconnect the wires and remove it from the car phone holder. This can be fiddly, particularly if you’ve got a temperamental car phone holder. 

We’d recommend keeping your sat nav out of sight to protect yourself from opportunistic thieves. Not only would you be left without the aid of your sat nav, but you may also have to claim on your car insurance.

Generally sat navs come with larger screens and are easier to follow than mobile apps. The audio function tends to be better too.

If you don’t have the option to hook your phone or sat nav up to your car’s speakers, the audio cues in your sat nav should be loud enough to hear over your engine.The same can’t really be said for mobiles.

If you’re spending a lot of time on the road, and you’re often using navigation software, a separate sat nav device might be better for you. You might find an app does the job just fine if you don’t spend a lot of time on the road. 

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*Prices of sat navs correct at the time of writing