Jamie Gibbs

Editorial Content Manager

Jamie joined the Confused.com team in 2012, cutting his teeth in digital marketing. He joined editorial team in 2014, where he specialised in motor insurance articles.

Since then, Jamie has written a range of articles for Confused.com across multiple aspects of personal finance. These include in-depth insurance guides, helpful how-to articles and topical consumer focused pieces.

Jamie has also worked on award-winning campaigns for Confused.com. This includes The True Depth of the UK's Pothole Problem, which won 3 industry awards.

Jamie now heads up the Editorial Content team. With over a decade's experience in the industry, he focuses on creating knowledgeable content that's engaging and easy to digest. His particular area of interest is sustainability and how we can all work towards a zero carbon future.

A natural grammar pedant, Jamie is also our resident editor and enjoys a good grammar debate. Jamie is also a podcast producer and puzzle maker. He's known as 'the escape room guy' around the office - or at least he likes to think he is.


  • BA Swansea University
  • MA Swansea University


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Jamie Gibbs

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