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Jamie Gibbs, Editorial Content Manager at
Jamie Gibbs Lead Writer

Jamie’s career in the insurance industry began at Admiral in 2011 where he enrolled in their Graduate Management Programme…

Alice Campion,  Senior Editorial Content Executive at
Alice Campion Senior Writer

Alice joined in 2017 and is a senior editorial executive for the Editorial content team. She mainly focuses on content and copy for...

Claire Flynn, Senior Content Editor at Mojo
Claire Flynn Senior Content Editor | Mojo, Mortgages Expert |

Claire is a highly accomplished Content Editor with extensive experience in the mortgage and property industry...

Megan Rahou, Content Manager at
Megan Rahou Content Manager

Megan joined in 2024 as a Content Manager. Since joining, Megan has developed a strategy to take's content to the next level...

Bethan Daley,  Content Editor at
Bethan Daley Content Editor

Bethan joined in 2024 as a member of the content team. Since starting, she has written a variety of guides, and is particularly interested in...

Rhys Andrew, Content Editor at
Rhys Andrew Content Editor

Rhys joined in 2024 as part of the editorial content team. His primary focus is creating and reviewing copy and content for the website, social media and PR...

Jessica Fairfax, Mobiles Expert at Uswitch
Jessica Fairfax Mobiles Expert

Jess is highly experienced in consumer PR and an expert in the mobiles industry... logo
Linda Dodge, Energy Expert at
Linda Dodge Energy expert

Linda is an energy expert with over 8 years of experience in the sector, working both directly with...

Eilish Hughes, Broadband Expert at Uswitch
Eilish Hughes Broadband Expert

Eilish is experienced in consumer editorial content and an expert in the broadband industry... logo

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