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Avoid these holiday motoring traps

Car on a map

Break the speed limit on your travels and your vehicle could be confiscated. We look Europe’s strict driving laws and what you need to be aware of so you don't end up with a fine or points on your licence.

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7 very important facts about car insurance prices

CIPI Q2 2015 teaser

Car insurance prices are a-changing, but what does it all mean for you?

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Car insurance prices on the up ☹

A blue car driving in the countryside
What should you be paying for car insurance? Find out if your costs should be going up or down in the latest price index.  Read More…

Car insurance extras: Which do you need?

A Monopoly car about to pass 'Go'

Insurers offer a multitude of add-ons to accompany your car insurance policy. But do you actually need them?

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Breakdown kit checklist

A motorist witha broken down car in the snow
The ultimate checklist for when your car breaks down come rain or shine.  Read More…

The hidden cost of hire claims

Car hire costing £80 per day
After a car accident, you might be offered a courtesy or hire car replacement, but the difference could cost you thousands.  Read More…

Cracking down on whiplash cheats

Driver suffering from whiplash
Ministers and insurers are cracking down on fraudulent car insurance injury claims – and honest motorists are set to benefit.  Read More…

Is car insurance renewal set to become more transparent?

Man holding insurance document

One of the UK’s leading motor insurers is now showing customers how much their premiums are rising when they come to renewal. Will others follow suit?

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15 truly awful car modifications

cardboard car teaser
Some people don’t care what conventions or good taste dictates, and when it comes to their car, the sky's the limit.  Read More…

Can I drive someone else’s car?

A woman driving a car
Think you're insured to drive other cars? We explain why your car insurance might not cover you.  Read More…