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Motorway driving: Keep our lights on

Driving at night could mean more motorway accidents

When driving at night, it's important to take extra care in order to stay safe and avoid accidents. But a decision implemented by the Highways Agency to switch off lights on some sections of some UK roads is arguably making driving on the motorway more dangerous.

The switch off affects some of our busiest roads, including the M1, M2, M4, M5, M6, M27 and M54, but according to new research by, the number one worry for drivers is not being able to see clearly. Just under half of those surveyed said they feel less confident driving in the dark, making the switch-off even more worrying.

Although this austerity measure may be saving the country money and helping to reduce our carbon footprint, what will it cost motorists in terms of their safety on the road?

Show your support and help get the lights switched back on by signing our petition above. We'd also love to hear any comments you have, whether they are for or against the campaign.

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