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Motorists vs Cyclists

Small woman riding a bicycle next to a carCan we share the road?

To coincide with road safety week, we've been looking into the volatile relationship between motorists   and cyclists and finding out whether there's any hope of peacefully sharing the road. 

On our interactive map you can report any incident that you have been involved in and see accident hotspots around the UK.

Be sure to check out our two exclusive feature videos which expose cyclists' and motorists' experiences with each other on the road, including a   brilliant film that shows what happened when an anti-cyclist driver got rid of his car for a week to see what life was like on two wheels.

Can motorists and cyclists ever learn to share the road?

Cycling issues video teaser image

Russell Jones is fed up of drivers’ attitudes towards cyclists. He challenged his friend Adam to ditch his car and travel to work by bike for a week. Watch the video...

Motorists v Cyclists: One expert's view

Sustrans interview

We asked Sustrans, the sustainable transport charity, what has been done in recent years to help cyclists and motorists get along. Watch the video...

Cyclists and motorists complain of clashes

Cyclist on the road

New research from shows what cyclists and motorists really think of each other and what could make roads safer.