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Cadillac insurance

Cadillac are the second oldest American auto manufacturer behind fellow GM owned marque Buick, and are the embodiment of the American driving ideal. Their aggressive yet elegant styling of luxury cars with a focus on power and attention to detail has become iconic, and they now manufacture some of the most recognisable American cars in the world.

The American trend is spreading, with Cadillac’s products now available in 37 countries worldwide, and although they are a relatively rare sight on British roads, their popularity is growing. If you’re driving a Cadillac in the UK, you need to make sure you have adequate cover to make it road-legal, and to protect it from unforeseen events.
  • Below you can find some of the main specifications for some vehicles in Cadillac’s current range, for which we may be able to offer quotes. These figures can give you an idea of potential insurance costs
  • Insurers will generally quote higher premiums for vehicles with bigger, more powerful engines, more expensive repair costs, and higher values
  • You'll also find the expected tax bracket for those vehicles, which can give you a further idea of the potential costs of owning a Cadillac in the UK
Model Engine Size Typical insurance group* Tax Bracket Range
CTS 2.8-3.6 34-44 K-M
Escalade 6.0-6.2 50 M
 SRX 3.6-4.6 43-47 M
* All information sourced from the Cadillac website and

With Cadillac’s growing popularity in the UK, it is expected that the ABI (Association of British Insurers) will allocate standard insurance groups to more vehicles in their range. 

Until then, if you want to learn more about potential insurance costs, you should browse our range of useful articles and guides, including driving down the cost of car insurance.

Did you know?

  • Founded - August 22nd, 1902
  • Founders - Henry M Leland (founder), Henry Ford (original founder)
  • Headquarters - Warren, Michigan, U.S
  • Owners - General Motors Company

As the U.S’s second-oldest automobile manufacturer, now selling in 37 countries world-wide, there is no disputing their iconic heritage as one of the all-American vehicles of choice.

Their ATS was named the 2013 North American car of the year, and alongside the dramatic styling and performance of the CTS and CTS-V coupe, they uphold their image as an American market leader, trend setter and force of change. 

With their unique combination of driving dynamics, technology and refinement they are appealing to those seeking safety, luxury and performance from their vehicles the world over. QuickQuote Logo

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