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What is a No Claims Bonus?

A No Claims Bonus, sometimes called a No Claims Discount, is a car insurance discount recognised by insurers.

For every year you drive without making a claim on your car insurance policy, you gain a No Claims Bonus. The benefit of a NCB usually plateaus at five years, but some companies offer further discount for six or more years. A No Claims Bonus (NCB), sometimes called a No Claims Discount (NCD), is a car insurance discount recognised by insurers.

Here’s our 30-second video to explain everything you need to know about no claims bonus – what it is, what it does, and most importantly, how it saves you money.

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How do I get a copy of my No Claims Bonus?

You can’t normally get a copy of your No Claims Bonus while the policy is still active on your car, but once your renewal is due, or if you cancel your policy, your insurer can send you a copy.

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Take a look at our infographic explaining the no claims bonus.

Will I be able to use my No Claims Bonus on more than one car?

Unfortunately not. You need a separate No Claims Bonus for each policy you have.

But it might be worth chatting to your current insurer, as they can sometimes offer an introductory discount on a second vehicle.

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Protected No Claims Bonus: what is it?

Protecting a No Claims Bonus ensures you don’t lose your discount if you need to make a claim – but the cost of your insurance could still rise on your next policy if you’ve had an accident.

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Do I earn No Claims Bonus as a named driver?

Only the policyholder can earn a full No Claims Bonus. But if you’re a named driver looking to buy your own car, speak to the insurer covering the car you currently drive, as some offer introductory named driver bonuses for those previously insured with them.

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My No Claims Bonus isn’t from the UK. Can I still use it?

Most UK insurers won't accept a No Claims Bonus from outside the EU.

It's best to contact your chosen insurer directly to ask if they can accept your bonus and to check what proof they need to see.

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Take a look at our infographic explaining the no claims bonus.

As a named driver, do I get the same cover as the policyholder?

In short, yes. If your car is covered by a comprehensive insurance policy, then all drivers are covered to drive it with comprehensive cover. But it’s always best to check the policy’s terms and conditions before purchasing.

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Can I get a quote for an ‘any driver’ policy through

Unfortunately we're not able to offer "any driver" cover, as many insurers now only deal with named drivers and don't offer this type of policy.

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Do I have to list non-fault claims when I’m getting a quote?

Yes. All incidents and claims must be listed, whether or not you were deemed to be at fault, or made a claim.

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What do I do if I don’t know the cost of a claim?

You should be able to find out the cost of a claim if you contact the insurer who dealt with it at the time.

If you’re still unsure, you can enter an estimated value, but before purchasing you should inform your insurer that it’s an estimated value.

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I can’t find my job title!

If you can’t find your exact job title it could be listed under a similar description instead. For example, if you’re an IT manager, try entering ‘computer’ or ‘manager’ to see if another option fits the bill.

If you’re worried that your choice doesn’t describe your job properly, then you’re able to confirm it with your insurer before you finalise the purchase.

How do I determine the fault of a recent accident?

If you are unsure of who is to blame for an accident, you should contact your insurer so they can confirm this for you.

Will the annual mileage I do affect the price of my quote?

Generally, yes, the price of your quote will change if you alter the annual mileage.

Your mileage is taken into account by your insurer and they use this figure along with many other factors to calculate your premium. Make sure you’re as accurate as possible, as underestimating your mileage could invalidate a future claim.

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What difference will it make to my quote if my car is kept on my driveway or in a garage?

If your car’s kept in a garage overnight, it’s better protected and less likely to be stolen or damaged than cars parked in the street.

Where your vehicle is kept at night is one of the factors taken into account by your insurer when calculating a premium. Stating your car is always kept in the garage overnight could impact on a theft claim if your vehicle is left in the street overnight.

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Will having modifications on my car change the price of my insurance premium?

In a word, yes!

Modified cars are seen as a greater risk by insurers, so cost more to insure.

You should list all optional extras and modifications at the time of quoting, as not disclosing these details could invalidate your policy.

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What is legal cover and why would I need it?

Legal Expenses Cover (L.E.C) generally covers you for matters not dealt with on your car insurance policy.

Some examples are:
  • Reclaiming your excess from the responsible party if you have a comprehensive policy.
  • Reclaiming the vehicle damage if you have a Third Party policy.
  • Dealing with compensation for any injury sustained in a motor accident and any hire car costs (within reason) that you may have incurred.
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What is the difference between Comprehensive and Third Party Fire & Theft levels of cover?

All insurance policies are needed to cover any damage you cause to an innocent third party, whether it’s a vehicle, property or personal injury.

Third Party, Fire & Theft covers you for this, the theft of your vehicle and damage caused by fire or attempted theft.

Comprehensive cover protects you in the event of an accident to a third party and against both fire and theft but it also covers your car against accidental damage.

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How do I make changes to my policy?

As we’re a price comparison website and not an insurance provider or a broker, we’re unable to amend your policy on your behalf.

If you need to make any changes, like updating your personal details, car or driver details, or adding additional contents cover for a new purchase; you will need to contact your insurer directly.

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For more information please visit our guide to making changes to your policy.

I've got a complaint about a provider on your panel, how do I take this further?

We hope that all of our customers are happy with the quotes and the level of service offered by the insurance providers on our panel!

However, in the unlikely event that you wish to make a complaint about a quote or the service you’ve received from a particular provider, please email details of the problem to and we will investigate the issue. Read our complaints guide for more information.

When emailing us, please make sure you include the name of the provider in addition to your full name, date of birth and postcode.

Why isn't my car registration being recognised?

If your registration isn’t recognised, or your car’s details are returned incorrectly, you can choose the option saying you don’t know your car’s registration. You can then enter the information manually.

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If you’re buying a new car and want to check its history, you might find our car registration history check useful.

Why can't I enter my car details manually?

If you’ve entered your car’s details correctly and you still can’t select your car, then unfortunately we can’t help you get a quote at this time. Without knowing your exact car details, the prices we show you could be invalid.

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