Why choose Drive Like a Girl car insurance?

  • Telematics car insurance provider telematics or blackbox insurance logo
  • Get money back after the first 3 months if you 'drive like a girl'
  • No curfews, no penalties, no mileage limit - just rewards for safe driving

Drive Like a Girl car insurance: facts

  • Immediate cover and telematics black box fitted within 14 days at no extra cost
  • UK based call centres to answer all your queries and manage any claims
  • Accident alert to help you in a major incident plus theft tracking technology

Drive Like a Girl has a new approach to car insurance designed especially for young women aged 17 to 25. Using the latest telematics technology, Drive Like a Girl gives safer drivers the chance to pay a fair price.

You could get a discount after the first 3 months if you show you ‘drive like a girl’. What's more, safe driving throughout the year could save you even more money when you renew.

A black box device, the in-tele-box, is fitted out of sight in your car at no extra charge. The in-tele-box will record various aspects of your driving including your speed, acceleration and braking to see if you 'drive like a girl’ - in other words, if you drive smoothly and keep to a sensible speed. You can see your details and latest scores and receive feedback on your driving on your own online portal.

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