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Last reviewed 23 August 2022

Why choose Drive Like a Girl car insurance?

  • Black box insurance rewards safer drivers
  • Get cover for up to 7,000 miles of driving per year
  • Courtesy car provision

Drive Like a Girl seek to provide affordable car insurance to young, inexperienced women who may have yet to build up a decent no-claims bonus.

It does this by using telematics, or what’s more commonly known as black box insurance.

Telematics involves having a small mobile phone-sized device installed out of sight in your car, typically behind the dashboard.

The black box records certain information, which is relayed to the insurer via a SIM card. This then tracks how you drive, and gives you a personalised renewal quote based on how safe you're deemed to be on the road. The safer you are, the cheaper your premiums could be.

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Who is Drive Like a Girl?

Drive Like a Girl were formed in 2013 and, along with parent company Insure the Box, are underwritten by Japanese company Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance.

The Newcastle-based insurer was launched following the EU Gender Ruling. This prevented insurers from refusing to sell cover to persons of a specific gender or taking into account gender when setting premiums after 2012. Subsequent UK legislation has enshrined this position in law.

As the name suggests, Drive Like a Girl is firmly on the side of female drivers. Although it cannot exclude male drivers from being customers, all of its products are geared towards providing car insurance for female drivers.

Drive Like a Girl policy details

Drive like a girl is a telematics-only insurer, meaning they only offer black box car insurance.

Black box telematics might sound a little sinister, but it’s not. It won’t pass on any details about how you drive or where you go, unless it’s suspected that you’ve committed fraud, or because the insurer’s required to do so by law.

Instead, Drive Like a Girl’s telematics records only the following, for their own use

  • Your total mileage
  • The different types of roads you drive on
  • The number of miles you drive on a motorway
  • If you take breaks on long journeys
  • The total number of journeys you make
  • Your speed
  • If you accelerate or brake sharply
  • The time of day you drive

They then use this data to offer you a bespoke premium price when you renew.

Typically, the safer you drive, the more points you’ll accumulate. You can earn up to 100 points a month, and the more you accrue, the better the deal you’ll be offered upon renewal.

There are a few additional benefits to having a black box, too.

If the black box detects you stopped suddenly, which suggests an accident, Drive Like a Girl will call the emergency services, for example. And if your car is stolen, the black box can help track it.

There aren’t any curfews with Drive Like a Girl’s insurance policies either, so you won’t be penalised for driving late at night.

Their black box insurance comes with a few benefits as standard.

  • Mileage-based cover up to 7,000 miles a year
  • Access to a 24/7 claims centre
  • Courtesy car If yours is damaged and in for repair
  • Immediate coverage, with free black box installation within two weeks of your policy starting

Drive Like a Girl offers a selection of car insurance policies and types. Not all policies and types are available through our site, so the exact levels of cover and benefits may vary. Before buying car insurance, we recommend you check the cover and benefits included.

Contact Drive Like a Girl

Drive Like a Girl can be reached in a number of ways.

You can email their customer services or log a new claim by phoning 0330 022 0123.

Alternatively, they can be reached by post at:

Customer Service
Drive Like a Girl
PO Box 1308
NE12 2BF

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