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Over 50s home insurance

One of the good things about being over 50 is you’ll often receive better home insurance prices than someone younger. Insurers may see the over 50s as more experienced home owners, giving you a ‘low risk’ status.

If you’re 50 or over then you can benefit from getting a quote with a specialist provider. We compare quotes from a wide range of companies including Rias and Saga who both specialise in home insurance for your age group.

Home insurance prices for the over 50s

Our data shows that the average price of home insurance for over 50s is £119*- that’s £26 cheaper than those under the age of 50. Insurers don’t just take age into consideration when calculating your premium, however. They also look at the value of your contents and how much buildings cover you require.

If you’re unsure how much contents cover you need then our contents calculator can help you.

What details do I need to get an over 50s home insurance quote?

Your property's build date

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We usually estimate this for you, but you can find the actual date in your mortgage survey or home buyer’s report.

Locks and alarm types

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You'll need to know the type of locks and alarms on your property. We provide useful lock pictures to help you find which locks you have fitted.

Details of any previous claims

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This'll be stated in your renewal documents. Alternatively, contact your previous insurer.

The rebuild cost of your house

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We often fill this in for you. But you can also calculate the rebuild cost of your property yourself, or hire a chartered surveyor to carry out an assessment.

Value of personal belongings

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If you don’t know this, you can use our contents calculator.

Details of the roof type

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Which materials are used on your roof – such as asphalt shingle, tile, slate or thatched.

Over 50s buildings and contents insurance

Home insurance falls into three categories - buildings, contents, and combined buildings and contents insurance policies. Buildings insurance covers the bricks and mortar of your home, and contents insurance covers your belongings.

Typically, contents are anything you can pack up and take with you if you move home, such as furniture, clothes, and TVs.

Taking out a combined policy could help reduce the cost of home insurance, but they’re usually only suitable if you own your home. They insure your property against damage, but also cover your belongings under the same insurance policy.

What our home insurance expert says:

"If you’re over 50, you’re likely to be an experienced homeowner. This can work in your favour because you’ll often find better home insurance prices if you’ve been claim free for a number of years. It’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for insurers that specialise in home insurance for over 50’s to get the best deal."
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- Jessica Willock, Home Insurance Product Manager

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*Based on Confused.com data from  November 2018. The average combined policy for over 50s excluding accidental damage cover was £119.12. Those below the age of 50 paid an average of £145.97 for the same type of policy. 
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