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Over 50s home insurance

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1Correct as of April, 2023

What is over 50s home insurance?

Over-50s home insurance is a type of specialist policy designed for older homeowners.

It often comes with a range of benefits you wouldn’t normally see on a home insurance policy. This can include things like cover for mobility aids, or cover for a second home.

Saga and RIAS are some of the best-known specialist providers of over 50s home insurance

Over-50s aren’t limited only to over-50s policies either - they can take out standard home insurance too, and could pay less than younger home owners for it.

When you get a quote, we'll show you prices from specialist over-50s providers as well as standard home insurance providers.

How much cover do I need?

For buildings insurance, the amount of cover you need depends on the rebuild cost of your home. This is how much it would cost to completely rebuild your house from scratch.

Bear in mind that the rebuild cost of a house is often less than its market value.

For contents insurance, think about everything you own. This includes all of your furniture, clothes, jewellery and appliances. Even the food in your cupboards and freezer count.

Then think about how much it would cost to replace every single item after a fire, or a flood. Go room by room and tot up the cost of everything in the house. That should give you a good indication of how much contents cover you need.

Any easier way to do this is to use our contents calculator, which will do all the hard work for you.

Is home insurance cheaper for over 50s?

Our research shows that over 50s pay around £19 less for their home insurance than younger homeowners1.

Average cost for over-50s


Average cost for under-50s


1Based on Confused.com data from January 2022-2023. The average combined policy for over 50s was £176.46. Those below the age of 50 paid an average of £195.24 for the same type of policy.

Insurers base their prices on a range of factors, not just your age. But there could be a few reasons why over 50s pay less:

  • They're typically more experienced home owners, and so may have more knowledge of home maintenance and upkeep.
  • They're usually more experienced at buying home insurance, and so may be more accurate when working out how much they need. This means they don't pay for cover they don't need.
  • They're more likely to have home security in place, which can deter thieves and help with claims by providing evidence of break-ins.
  • They're more likely to work part-time or be retired, meaning they spend more time at home. This means less opportunity for burglars or vandals to strike.

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*Based on data provided by Consumer Intelligence Ltd, www.consumerintelligence.com (April ’23). 51% of home insurance customers could save £174.41 on a combined policy.
**Single annual policy. Shell Go+ account required. Only one £10 fuel reward can be used per transaction and each can only be used on fuel purchases of £10 or over. HelloFresh 18+ subscription service. Geographical exclusions apply. T&Cs apply

What are the benefits of over-50s home cover?

Besides the discounts, there are other benefits to over 50s home insurance.

Depending on your policy details, these can include:

  • More insurers to choose from, as specialist providers like Saga will only offer policies to over-50s.
  • Higher levels of cover as standard, with extras you might normally pay more for included free of charge.
  • Extended unoccupied home cover, for longer than the usual 30 days, making it easier to spend time away from home.
  • Cover for mobility aids like scooters, stair lifts or electric wheelchairs.

What add-ons are available with a over 50s home insurance policy?

Over 50s home insurance is available with a few add-ons that could be useful.

Some may already be included in your home insurance policy or may be added to your policy for an extra cost:

  • Accidental damage cover
  • Legal protection
  • High-value items cover
  • Personal possessions cover
  • Home emergency cover
  • Alternative accommodation cover

    Accidental damage cover can cover either your contents or your building. The contents version covers things like carpets, sofas and fixtures. The buildings version covers the structure of your home itself.

    Legal protection provides you with cover for any legal expenses relating to your home. It’s useful if you have any legal disputes with your neighbours or tradespeople.

    High-value items cover protects individual items in your home that are worth over £1,000. These might not be covered by your standard contents insurance policy.

    Personal possessions cover insures high value items while they’re away from home. This can include things like laptops, phones or expensive jewellery.

    Home emergency cover provides you with immediate help for any issues with your home that could affect your health. For example, if your window smashes in a storm.

    Alternative accommodation cover means that your insurer will help you find somewhere to stay and cover the costs if your home suddenly becomes uninhabitable. This could be due to flood or storm damage for example.

    What details do I need to get an over 50s home insurance quote?

    Getting a quote is easy, we'll just need a few details from you:

    • Your home’s build date, which you can find on your mortgage survey or home buyers report. If you can’t find it, we'll estimate it for you.
    • Details of any claims you've made in the last 5 years, which you should be able to find on your renewal documents. If you can’t find them, contact your previous home insurance provider who should be able to send it to you.
    • Details of any security devices you have, as welll as the types of locks your house has, as these can affect what you pay.If you don’t know what type you have, you can use the pictures we include in our quote form to identify them.
    • The rebuild cost of your home, which you should be able to find on the deeds to your home, your mortgage valuation report or a surveyor's report. If you have none of these to hand, we'll help you calculate the rebuild cost of your home when you get a quote.  
    • The value of your contents, which you can estimate with ourhandy contents calculator.
    • The type of roof your home has, eg slate, tile, or thatched. We'll also need to know if you have a flat roof covering any part of your property.
    We'll do the rest to find the right cover for you, at the right price.

    Compare home insurance quotes from up to 64 insurance companies1

    What our home insurance expert says

    Specialist over-50s home insurance policies can work well for some people, as they often come with added extras you might not get with standard home insurance. But standard providers can be a safe bet too, as your age and experience as a homeowner can often lead to lower premiums for the over-50s. Get a quote and we’ll show you our best prices, so you can make the right decision for you.
    After buying home insurance, 96% of Confused.com customers would recommend us (based on 35771 Reviews.co.uk respondents - as of 31/05/23). Read our reviews