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Watch insurance

If your watch is worth under £1,000, it should be covered by your contents insurance policy. If it’s worth more, you can list it as a high-value item.

Or you could get a separate watch insurance policy, which might provide more comprehensive cover.

We don’t compare specialist watch insurance, but we can help you cover your watch on your contents insurance.

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Does my home insurance cover my watch?

Your watch is usually covered on your home insurance policy if it’s worth under £1,000. If it’s worth more, you’ll need to list it as a high value item.

Most home insurance policies have a single item limit, often set at £1000. This is the maximum your insurer pays for any item not specifically mentioned in your policy. If your watch is under £1,000 you have a couple of options:

  • Use your contents insurance to cover your watch. But it’s unlikely to be covered away from home, for example if you lose it on holiday.
  • Buy personal possessions insurance, which covers your watch when you're away from the home. It’s usually offered as an add-on to your contents insurance.

How do I value my watch? 

The easiest way to get your watch valued is to bring it to a local jeweller or expert. Each person that values the watch might have a different opinion, so make sure you get a few valuations. Depending on your watch you could:

  • Ask your local jeweller or expert to give you an up-to-date valuation
  • Look online or in store for the brand new value if it’s a new item
  • Find sold and for sale adverts online to get a rough idea of its second-hand price

Contents insurance versus specialist policies 

Here’s some pros and cons of both types of policy:

Pros and cons of stand alone watch insurance


  • Offers more comprehensive cover
  • Normally includes worldwide cover
  • Often covers accidental damage or loss
  • Covers expensive watches that are over the single item limit
  • Covers theft from your home or from yourself outside the house


  • Likely to be more expensive
  • It’s another policy and a separate bill to keep track of
  • If the value of your watch isn’t that high, or decreases, you could be paying more than its value to replace over a time period

Pros and cons of adding a watch to contents insurance


  • Often much cheaper than a stand alone policy
  • No extra bill, it’s all paid for in one monthly or annual payment
  • It's a better option for watches that are collected or stored and not often worn
  • Covers you for residential burglary


  • It’s unlikely to cover theft or damage outside of your home
  • It won’t cover you abroad
  • It could make your policy more expensive if it’s a high value watch
  • Accidental loss or damage might not be covered

How do I claim for a stolen watch?

If you've covered a watch on your contents insurance, contact your insurer as soon as possible.

Get as much information as you can to help settle the claim quicker. If you’ve been burgled and your watch has been stolen, you should speak to the police and get a crime reference number. 

Making a claim might mean you lose your no claims discount. Check the terms and conditions of your policy to be sure.

How do I add a watch to my contents insurance?

You don’t need to tell us if it’s worth under £1,000. If the value is more than £1,000 though we'll ask, 'do you want to insure any other items worth over £1,000? each'

If this is the case, then:

  • Select ‘watch’ from the drop down menu
  • Add a short description
  • Give its value to the nearest pound
  • Specify whether you want cover away from home

Some policies have an upper limit for high value items. If your watch is worth more than this you need to buy a standalone watch insurance policy.

What our home insurance expert says

''According to the Office of National Statistics, there were 187,748 residential burglaries reported in England and Wales year end September 2023.

High value items, like watches, are a target for thieves. So it's a good idea to make sure you have the right insurance so your watch is covered if it's lost, stolen or damaged. Some of our insurers can cover watches over £1,000 away from your home, but always check the details of your quote to see the levels of cover.

Having the right policy in place can help cover the cost of repairing or replacing your watch.''

Matthew Harwood, Home & lifestyle insurance expert at Confused.com
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