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Buildings insurance

You could save at least £236* on your buildings insurance today!

  • Get a buildings insurance quote in minutes and get our best prices from up to 75 providers, hassle-free.
  • Cover repair costs for your home when you need it most - come flood, fire or frost.
  • Want to protect your belongings as well? Compare contents insurance quotes and protect your home, inside and out.

*10% of buildings insurance customers could save at least £236.40 against their previous renewal price (July -Sept 2014).

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Looking for something more specific?

Flood insurance

Flood home insurance

1 in 6 homes in England is at risk of flooding. Protect yours today.

Listed building insurance

Listed building insurance

Protect your perfect piece of history from fire, flood and subsidence damage.

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What does buildings insurance cover?

Generally speaking, it covers the parts of your home that aren't easily removed, including:

  • Damage to your house from flooding, fire and storms
  • Structural damage caused by subsidence and fallen trees
  • Water damage to your house caused by burst pipes
  • Accidental damage, in case you put your foot through the attic floor (sometimes an optional extra)

If your house has a rebuild value of over £500,000 - your home might be classed as 'high value'. This usually happens with listed buildings as repairing any damage required specific materials, which can increase costs. It's worth talking with your insurer, as some brands offer high value home insurance as a specific policy.

Before you buy a house, most mortgage lenders will insist that you take out a policy to cover the building.

If you're a landlord, you may need a specialist policy that is designed for rental properties to cover the extra risks involved.

Accidental damage was the most common type of buildings insurance claim in 2012, followed by storm damage. It goes to show that anything can happen, so getting covered is worth considering.

Roughly one in six properties in the UK is at risk of flood damage, and the number of people at risk is predicted to grow significantly over the next few decades.

With this in mind, protecting your house and fixtures from flood damage could save you paying thousands of pounds in rebuild costs.

What do I need to get a quote?

One of the questions asked when getting a buildings insurance quote is the predicted rebuild cost of your house. If you don't know what this would be, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) have created a Rebuild Calculator to help you.

Most standard policies could allow the house to be unoccupied for up to 30 consecutive days (enough time for a long holiday) and still be covered. Any longer than that, and you may need to seek out a specialist unoccupied home insurance policy.

Why compare buildings insurance with

  • We've been comparing insurance policies for over ten years, and with a decade's worth of experience we use our expertise to help you find our best prices.
  • We have a selection of handy guides to help you out if you're building a new kitchen, need to do some quick DIY or want to know more about what locks to use

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