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Fiat is a long-established manufacturer with a reputation for quality in their vehicles. From family-fit Doblos to city-slick 500’s, their range covers a variety of customer needs, whilst maintaining the unique Italian style and soul that they have built their reputation on.

Their variety of products can also make insurance premiums difficult to predict, so we’ve assembled some of the key facts and figures for their current range to help you understand the quotes you receive.

Insurers typically use ABI (Association of British Insurers) allocated groups, along with a range of other details about you, your driving history and your car, to calculate premiums.

  • Generally, cars with larger / more powerful engines are allocated higher insurance groups and are more expensive to insure, due to the added risk they pose to the insurer
  • Cars with higher ABI groups (due to power, size, safety, value etc) also generally get higher insurance premiums
  • We've also provided  the potential tax brackets of each vehicle in the Fiat range to give you an idea of potential, additional future costs

You might also want to browse our collection of articles and guides for further information on insuring your Fiat, which includes explanations of ABI group allocation and how premiums are calculated.

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The 500 could be a perfect little car if you're a new or younger driver. Typically, the lower the engine capacity of a car, the lower its insurance group, so by choosing a smaller engine size you could have a lower insurance premiums and a smaller tax bill.

However, if you enjoy a bit of extra raw power, its larger engine packages and additional add-ons might be more appealing.

500 Model Engine Capacity Typical ABI Group Range* Tax Bracket Range
Colour therapy  0.9-1.2 7-13 A-C
Pop 0.9-1.6 8-17 A-F
S 09-1.3 9-17 A-C
Lounge 0.9-1.6 6-18 A-F
TwinAir 0.9 11-12 A
Trekking 0.9-1.6 7-15 A-F
Sport 0.9-1.4 6-15 A-F
Easy 0.9-1.6 8-17 B-F
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Fiat Brava

The Brava is a practical choice amongst families, with five door access and even more room in the back while still not breaking the bank.

The affordable selling prices and the low insurance group means that this car is a popular choice for new families who don't want their car to cost them the earth.

Brava Model Engine Size Typical ABI Group Range* Tax Bracket Range
S 1.4-1.9 11-13 J-L
Forza 1.2-1.9 13-17 G-L
HSX 1.6 15 J
Formula 1.2 15 G
Trofeo 1.2-1.6 13-15 G-J
ELX 1.6-1.9 15-19 F-L

Fiat Bravo

Depending on the engine size, the Fiat Bravo could fall into a lower typical insurance group and tax bracket which is good news for your bank balance.

However, if you opt for a larger engine, like the 2.0 Bravo Sport, you could fall into a higher insurance group and tax bracket.

Bravo Model Engine Size Typical ABI Group Range* Tax Bracket Range
Active 1.4-1.9 9-19 C-H
MyLife 1.6 18 C
Dynamic 1.4-2.0 10-24 C-G
Sport 1.4-2.0 20-25 E-G
Easy 1.4-1.6 11-20 C-F
S 1.4-1.9 11 G

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For lower potential running costs, it might be worth trying the Trekking or the Panda Easy with a lower engine size.

Panda Model Engine Size Typical ABI Group Range* Tax Bracket Range
Active  1.1-1.2 1-4 C-E
Sporting 1.3 6 C
MyLife 1.2 4 C
Eleganza 1.2 4 D-E
Dynamic 1.2-1.3 1-8 B-E
Pop 1.2-1.3 3-7 B-C
Easy 0.6-1.3 4-7 A-C
Lounge 0.9-1.3 3-7 A-C
Trekking 0.9-1.3 7 B
4x4 1.2-1.3 2-7 C-D
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Fiat Punto

Depending on the engine size (as well as a few other factors), your premium for the Punto could be relatively low.

As you can see from the table below, most models fall in to the lower end insurance groups and tax bracket range which could make this car perfect for a new or young driver.

Punto Model Engine Size Typical ABI Group Range* Tax Bracket Range
Pop 1.2-1.3 6-11 B-D
Lounge 1.3-1.4 9-19 A-E
Easy 1.2-1.4 7-15 A-E
GBT 1.3-1.4 8-13 A-E
TwinAir 0.9 11 A
Sporting 1.4-1.6 11-21 C-G
ElX 1.2-1.6 16-19 D-G
Active 1.2-1.9 6-12 B-F
Dynamic 1.2-1.4 6-14 A-G
Eleganza 1.2-1.9 13-14 B-F
HGT 1.8-1.9 17-27 E-J

Fiat Qubo

There is no mistaking that the Qubo, like the Fiat Doblo, looks like a van with some windows cut out the back but don't be put off by its looks.

With its low running costs and, in some configurations, its low tax range, it could save you a bit of money and is highly practical.

Qubo Model Engine Size Typical ABI Group Range* Tax Bracket Range
Trekking  1.3 6-8 B-C
Active 1.3-1.4 2-5 B-G
Dynamic 1.3-1.4 3-6 C-G
Dynamic [95] 1.3 6-8 C
MyLife 1.3-1.4 3-8 B-G

Fiat Seicento

The Seicento finished manufacturing in 2010 which means that as it's only available second hand now; keep an eye out for some of the newer models and be careful about some of the older ones.

Don't let that put you off though as the medium tax bracket and cheap buying rates means you could save some money by purchasing this little classic.

Seicento Model Engine Size Typical ABI Group Range* Tax Bracket Range
Mia 1.1 3 F
S 1.1 3 F
Active 1.1 3 F
2Tone 1.1 3 F
SX 1.1 3 F
Active Sport 1.1 4 F
Sound 1.1 4 F
Sporting 1.1-1.2 7 G

Fiat Stilo

Reliability Index gave the Stilo a lower than average score with regards to its reliability and repair costs.

This score is pulled together using the Stilo's average mileage and lifespan as well as its average repair cost and the amount of time it is off the road.

Stilo  Model Engine Size Typical ABI Group Range* Tax Bracket Range
Active 1.2-1.9 7-16 E-I
Active Sport  1.4-1.9 1.-14 F-I
Blue 1.4 10 G
Xbox 1.6 12 H
Sporting 1.8-1.9 16-20 E-J
Schumacer 2.4 30 K
Prestigio 2.4 28-30 K
 Dynamic 1.4-1.9 10-16 E-J
Abarth 2.4 28-30 K

Fiat Doblo

Built for a purpose, its box-like appearance won't win any beauty contests. The Doblo's sliding doors and deep boot make it a good family car.

If you fold the rear seats down then you've got 3,200 litres of space to play with, which is an awful lot! The seven-seater version is one of the cheaper people carriers on the market.

Doblo Model Engine Size Typical ABI Group Range* Tax Bracket Range
Active 1.2-2.0 4-18 E-I
Family 1.3-1.9 11-14 E-G
SX 1.2-2.0 8-18 H-J
Dynamic 1.2-2.0 5-15 E-I
ELX 1.9 10-14 H-J
MyLife 1.4-1.6 5-11 E-H
Eleganza 1.4-2.0 5-14 E-H

*All information sourced from

Did you know?

  • Established - July 11th 1899 in Turin, Italy
  • Founder(s) - Giovanni Agnelli
  • Headquarters - Turin, Italy
  • Production output – 4.2 million units (2012)

This pioneering Italian company which effectively invented the city car with the 500 continues today to be among the world’s biggest and most successful car manufacturers. Fiats come in all shapes and sizes, from the iconic Fiat 500, to the family Bravo, sporty Punto and roomy Doblo. They all share unique Italian design and all-round driving credentials.

Having enjoyed more than 100 years leading the car manufacturing market, Fiat maintain their leading role with innovative and inspired styling that keeps up with the times, and even seems to set trends in the industry.

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