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Quotea car insurance

Customer Services
0800 330 8219
0800 330 8219
  • Quotea Insurance
  • Garrick House
  • High Street
  • Hampton Hill
  • London
  • TW12 1NG

Why choose Quotea car insurance?

  • Happy to insure drivers with points
  • Provide cover for modified and imported cars
  • Flexible payment terms

Quotea car insurance: facts

  • More than 400 brokers work within the company
  • 250 brokers are dedicated to car insurance quotes and queries
  • Quotea was a finalist in the 2008 British Insurance Awards

Quotea is one of the UK’s largest independent car insurance brokers, with more than 250 dedicated brokers working on car insurance queries

Quotea will not only find you an insurance policy that meets your needs, they will also help to keep the cost of your car insurance premium as low as possible.

You can be certain of great service too – Quotea have specialists on hand in all types of car insurance, from learner driver insurance to modified car insurance.

Remember, buying Quotea car insurance direct is not necessarily cheaper – you get the same deal or better with

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