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DriveStyle car insurance

DriveStyle car insurance
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Why choose DriveStyle car insurance?

  • Telematics car insurance provider telematics or blackbox insurance logo
  • Top up miles available at a cost based on how your car is driven
  • Additional renewal bonus based on the driving profile of your car 

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Remember, buying DriveStyle car insurance direct is not necessarily cheaper – you get the same deal or better with, where you can compare quotes from up to 134 companies, including DriveStyle.

DriveStyle car insurance: facts

  • Your cover begins as soon as you purchase your policy or on the date specified by you and you then have 14 dates to choose from for the installation of your device, at a time and place to suit you 
  • The Premium Optimisation Telematics device is fitted to your car by DriveStyle Insure Ltd approved installer
  • Hints and tips on how to get the best from your policy on your dashboard

With your Comprehensive Coverbox DriveStyle Policy you only pay for the insurance you actually need. Using a device fitted to your car (which is supplied and installed FREE of charge) DriveStyle are able to work out the insurance cost of the miles you travel.  How, when and where you drive determines the price of those miles – your DriveStyle.

It's easy!

Step 1- Only buy the Guaranteed Miles you need – don’t over-estimate!

Step 2- Purchase TopUp-Miles as you need them.

Here’s where it gets clever, the cost of your Top-upMiles is based on your DriveStyle, so the better you drive the lower the cost. DriveStyle show you the price daily on your Dashboard, so you can see how you’re doing and remind when you’re getting close to needing to top-up, and if you forget they'll do it for you!

Step 3- Earn Renewal Discounts

Based on your DriveStyle you will earn a Renewal Bonus, this will be deducted from your Renewal Premium when your renewal is due. There are lots of hints and tips on how to get the best from your Coverbox DriveStyle Policy on your Dashboard; including keeping your Top-UpMiles costs and accident risks low and maximising your Renewal Bonus.

Legal advice, windshield/glass repair and lock replacement are all included as standard.