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Drive Smart car insurance

Drive Smart car insurance
Customer Services
0800 316 3319
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  • Unit 3, Redwing Court Business Centre
  • Ashton Road
  • Romford
  • RM3 8QQ

Why choose Drive Smart car insurance?

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Drive Smart car insurance: facts

  • The cost of the telematics box is included in the premium
  • Free theft tracker
  • Try before you buy iPhone and Android smartphone App

Based in Romford, Surrey, Drive Smart are part of Sabre Insurance, who were launched as an insurance company in 1991. They specialise in motor insurance and aim to find you the best price with cover that you can rely on.

Using the most up-to-date technology, they measure the safety of your driving by looking at how far you drive, what times you drive, traffic, braking, your speed and how familiar you are with the routes that you take. Drive Smart looks at all of the above components through a small telematics box that is fitted to your car. 

This device then relays back to Drive Smart how you drive, as well as how far and what times, scoring you on road safety. This also acts as a theft tracker, helping to keep you and your car safe. You can use the telematics box to try to prove to Drive Smart that you are a good driver and if you are successful, they'll reward you by reducing your premium after four and eight months.