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AA Drivesafe car insurance

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Why choose AA Drivesafe car insurance?

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Remember, buying AA Drivesafe car insurance direct is not necessarily cheaper – you get the same deal or better with, where you can compare quotes from up to 135 companies, including AA Drivesafe.

AA Drivesafe car insurance: facts

  • The AA cover the Drivesafe box's cost so installation is free
  • Build a personal score based on how you drive 
  • Online dashboard and a free app to monitor your score

Your premium is reviewed after three months and if you drive well and get a good score on the online AA Drivesafe dashboard, you could see a cheaper price. You can log on any time and check how well you're driving. AA Drivesafe rate on:

  • What time of day you drive (so these policies may not be suitable for someone who frequently drives between 10pm to 5am)
  • Speed and your cornering speed
  • Braking and deceleration

The box that is fixed to your car also doubles up as a theft tracker, so that if the worst should happen and your car is stolen, AA Drivesafe can track your car 24/7 and hopefully get your car back to you as soon as possible. AA Drivesafe also offer:

  • Insurance cover for driving abroad
  • A dedicated claims line 24/7
  • A courtesy car while yours is being repaired
  • Different levels of breakdown cover available as an optional extra. 

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  • Telematics could save you money
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