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"The housing market is a complex one and it was certainly a challenge for me to learn the workings of it when I first started at Zoopla. But now that I have a much more in-depth understanding, I want to help make it easier for others to understand it all.

How the bank rate affects mortgage rates, how levels of supply and demand dramatically impact housing prices, the many buying schemes that are available. These are difficult topics that I try to unwrap and write about in an interesting, informative and friendly way that doesn’t scare people."

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Nic Hopkirk, Senior Editor at Zoopla

Nic’s background and expertise


Nic’s journalism career started at a local newspaper in 1998, which opened the door to numerous other writing roles over the next few years. This led her to become a freelancer for the Daily Mail in 2005, gaining valuable experience to eventually become Managing Editor for Lifestyle at Microsoft in 2009. And in 2013 Nic received Associated Press Lifestyle of the Year Award for Microsoft’s MSN portal.

During an interim period when Nic had her second child, she worked as a teaching assistant from 2016-2017. But she also freelanced as a journalist for Global Radio, Time Inc, River Publishing & MSN during this time so that she could continue writing. Ready to get her hands dirty again, Nic became a full-time Senior Editor for Time Inc in 2019 and then took on the role of Copywriter at Marks & Spencer. As of 2020, Nic has been part of the team at Zoopla as Senior Editor.

Since she joined Zoopla, Nic has worked on numerous projects, including the launch of Zoopla’s Buying, Selling and Home Improvement step-by-step guides. This has been her favourite project so far, enabling her to learn more about the housing market. Nic’s main goal since joining Zoopla has been to make the complex workings of the housing market simple, easy to understand and accessible to everyone.


  • Home insurance


  • BA in English Literature, Bristol University
  • National qualification, National Council for the Training of Journalists

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