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"When it comes to finance and insurance, things aren’t usually straightforward or easy. As a result, a lot of people could end up making financial decisions that aren’t well informed. The small print of terms and conditions of loyalty programmes, insurance policies and financial products are often complicated. This makes it a lot more difficult to explain in terms most people will understand. But this is what I aim to do in the content that I write.

When I first joined The Points Guy UK, my main goal was to build a brand to help British travellers make better decisions. And this is still my number 1 priority."

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Ben Smithson, Senior Writer at Points Guy

Ben’s background and expertise


Ben practised finance law for 9 years before deciding to make a bit of a career change. He moved into finance and travel journalism in 2018 initially on a freelance basis. And in 2019 he became a full-time Senior Writer at The Points Guy UK, a site dedicated to helping travellers save money and maximise their travel. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Ben was seconded to Uswitch where he worked as a Senior Editor for Personal Finance and Insurance. But this didn’t stop him from helping the team at The Points Guy UK maintain an audience when it was illegal to travel for non-essential purposes.

After spending 9 years practising finance law, Ben now helps others navigate the world of finance and insurance. He does so with his content, sharing his own personal learnings and experiences. The Points Guy UK has won numerous Webby, Lovie and Travolution Awards for travel content that Ben has worked on, particularly their comparison videos. In 2020 the company was actually listed as one of The Times’ Best Travel Websites. This is because it allows Ben as well as other writers the space to help people travel better and make better financial decisions.



  • Travel insurance
  • Car insurance


  • Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice, Flinders University of South Australia

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