Tom Hall

Vice President | Lonely Planet

"I'm incredibly fortunate to be able to work on something that I feel passionate about, with a global team of colleagues who share that drive and enthusiasm. I love writing about travel and it’s even better if the content I write helps someone in some way. 

At Lonely Planet, we work tirelessly to produce content that travellers love to read and that will genuinely answer their questions. I’m proud of the work done with my colleagues to establish Lonely Planet as an expert voice in the media on a wide variety of travel-related topics. This allows us to continue to help people make better decisions around travel."

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Tom Hall, Vice President at Lonely Planet

Tom’s background and expertise


Tom has worked for Lonely Planet for most of his career, together with undertaking extensive freelance travel writing. Tom kicked off his career at Lonely Planet in 2003, packing books in the warehouse. And over the last 20 years he has continued to progress there, taking on roles of Head of Communications and Editorial Director. Tom briefly left the business during the pandemic. But later in 2020 when he rejoined he became Vice President, leading the company’s operations in the UK and global content and communications operations.

Playing a leading role at a travel business during the pandemic, which caused a near-total shutdown of global tourism was an enormous challenge for Tom. But Lonely Planet remained a key voice in the travel space, thanks to the efforts of Tom and the team.


  • Travel insurance


  • BA History, University of Leeds

About Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is a leading travel media company that provides travel guidebooks, digital content, and travel inspiration to travellers around the world. Founded in 1973, Lonely Planet has become a trusted source of travel information, known for its accurate and practical advice, insider tips, and cultural insights. 

With a global team of writers, editors, and experts, Lonely Planet covers destinations in over 200 countries and provides travellers with the tools they need to explore the world on their own terms. Lonely Planet's mission is to inspire and enable travellers to connect with the world and experience new cultures, while promoting sustainable and responsible travel practices.

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