Ben Gallizzi

Senior Content Editor | Uswitch

"In my role as a Senior Content Editor at Uswitch, my passion lies in helping customers navigate the complex world of energy. I strive to empower people with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions about their home energy use, energy efficiency, and the transition to electric vehicles and infrastructure.

By providing clear and accessible content, I aim to demystify these topics and enable individuals to take control of their energy choices, save money, and contribute to a sustainable future."

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Ben Gallizzi, Senior Content Editorat Uswitch

Ben’s background and expertise


Ben started his career as a Content Strategist at RocketMill, specialising in digital marketing. Then, he became a Content & Social Media Manager at Fixflo, a proptech startup in London. Currently, Ben is the Senior Content Editor for Energy at Uswitch.

At Uswitch, Ben has become immersed in the energy sector, even becoming a media spokesperson – representing the company in various media outlets. He’s gone on to sign off comments for national publications and has been interviewed live on radio and TV. He thrives on the unexpected challenges presented by the energy market and is passionate about ensuring energy customers get the information they need to make confident decisions.


  • Energy efficiency
  • Home energy use
  • Electric vehicles and infrastructure


  • BA - University of Southampton

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