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Compare cheap van insurance quotes. You could save up to £260*

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*Based on data provided by Consumer Intelligence Ltd, www.consumerintelligence.com (April '20). 51% of van insurance customers could save £260.

What details do I need to get a quote?

The following information will make it easier to get an accurate quote:

Personal details:

  • Your occupation
  • Any points on your licence
  • Previous claims or accidents

Van details:

  • Registration number - useful but not essential
  • Any modifications to your van
  • Estimated annual mileage

Your recent insurance documents should have most of the details you'll need to get a quote. They'll also show any no-claims bonus that could give you a discount on your insurance.

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What level of van insurance is right for me?

There are different levels of cover to choose from:

Third-party only is the lowest level of cover. You're insured against any damage you might cause to someone else or their property, including your passengers. It doesn't include damage to your own van.

Third-party, fire and theft is the same as third-party but also covers your van for repairs or a replacement if it's stolen or damaged by fire.

Comprehensive gives you the most protection, covering you and your van as well as other people and their property.

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Does how I use my van effect my insurance quote?

Once you know what type of cover you need, you will need to tell us how you use your van:

Social only, if you don't use your van or pickup truck for anything to do with work. Also known as private van insurance, this might mean you're likely to be driving less than a van used for work so that can be reflected in the cost of your insurance. The average quoted premium for a private van insurance policy is £684**.

Social and commuting to work, if you use your van to get to work and socially.

Business use, if you use your van to carry your own goods, tools and work equipment.

Haulage, if you use your van to carry goods for hire and reward. This is usually more expensive because there's a higher risk associated with carrying valuable or hazardous items. The average quoted premium for Haulage is £1,858**.

It's important to get the right type of insurance for how you use your van. Taking out the wrong type of van insurance is illegal and won't protect you if you need to make a claim.

**01/01/20-13/02/20 Confused.com van insurance quote data, average quoted premium.

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What extra features can I add to my policy?

Once you've got your quote, it's also possible to include a selection of add-ons or extras for added peace of mind:

Tools in van insurance is additional cover that insures any tools you keep or cargo you transport.

Legal cover could help you recover certain uninsured losses that aren’t covered by your own insurance policy, if you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault.

Breakdown cover is available at different levels to help get you back on the road as quick as possible.

Windscreen cover for repair or replacement of your windscreen following an accident.

Personal accident cover can provide additional cover on the policy for injury and/or death caused by an accident.

Driving abroad cover for using your van in countries outside of the United Kingdom.

Personal effects cover for the loss or damage of valuables that are carried or worn by the policyholder.

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How can I bring down the cost of my van insurance?

A no-claims bonus (NCB), or no-claims discount, is a count of the number of years in which you haven't made a claim on your car insurance policy.

The amount that its worth varies from insurer to insurer, but a NCB of five years or more, for example, is likely to give you a significant discount on your premium.

There are a few things you can do that could help you pay less for your van insurance:

Getting a quote 22 days before your policy is due to start could save you up to £571*** compared to getting it on the day.

Compare prices before your policy is up for renewal to find the best deal.

Build up a no-claims bonus to shave pounds off your premium. What is a no claims bonus?

Member of a recognised trade federation? Let the insurer know, they could offer a discount.

Increase your voluntary excess as prices may fall if you're willing to pay a little more towards any claim.

Add extra security like anti-theft devices as it could help lower your premium.

Choose an older, cheaper or less powerful van if you're still looking at which van to buy. As they tend to cost less to insure. Find more ways to cut the cost of your van insurance in our helpful savings guide.

***Source: July-October 2019 Confused.com van insurance quote data, average top quoted price.

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What our expert says...

You could save money on your van insurance simply by comparing quotes earlier. People tend to see the best prices around three weeks before their policy is due to renew, so it really can pay to be organised.
Daniel MuCulloch

Daniel McCulloch

Head of van insurance

Need more help?

What could affect the cost of my van insurance?

What you pay for your insurance policy depends on a number of things. The main things to think about are its value, whether it has any modifications, how powerful it is and whether it has any security systems.

Why are pick-up trucks classed as vans?

That's because of their long wheel base and the fact that they often weigh more than 3.5 tonnes. In fact, 4x4s are often classed as vans too.

What's the difference between commercial and private van insurance?

Commercial lets you use the van for work, like if you're making deliveries or transporting tools and equipment. Private lets you use it socially but not for work.

Can I transfer my car's no-claims bonus to my van?

No, the no-claims bonus applies to one vehicle only. Some insurers might give you discounts for taking out a second policy with them. Check with your insurer first to find out if they offer a discount like that.

Will my no-claims bonus apply to a second van?

No. Your no-claims bonus can only apply to one vehicle at a time. You can transfer it over to another vehicle though. And some insurers offer discounts on insuring a second van by mirroring your no-claims bonus.

Why is insurance so expensive for young drivers?

Younger drivers tend to be less experienced than older drivers. So they're more likely to make a claim. That's why their insurance premiums tend to be higher.

Can I add someone else to my policy?

You can normally add another driver to a van policy. Just let your insurer know and they'll ask for the second driver's details. Remember though that if you add a less experienced driver your premiums may go up. Some insurers might charge an admin fee too.

Can I put more than one van on my insurance policy?

Yes. Many insurers offer multi-van insurance. Putting more than one vehicle on the same policy can often be cheaper than insuring each one separately.

How old do I have to be to get van insurance?

You normally need to be 21 or over. Some insurers will allow drivers age 18 and over to be added to a policy.

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