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Temporary business van insurance

Find short-term business cover for your van in minutes

What is temporary business van insurance?

It’s a short-term insurance policy that gives you temporary cover to drive a van for business use and carry your own goods and equipment. Whether you’re a tradesperson or a business owner like a shopkeeper, if you need business cover at short notice or for a limited amount of time, temporary business van insurance can get you moving quickly.

You can get instant cover for as little as one hour to 28 days.

Looking for the same type of cover but for your car? Temporary business car insurance might be what you're after.

How does temporary business van insurance work?

By answering a few simple questions you can get a quote in minutes provided by our trusted partner Tempcover.com. You choose when you want your policy to start and end. Cover can start immediately or up to 30 days in advance. Once the policy expires your cover runs out.

You only pay for what you need meaning ultimate flexibility, that can help you plan your costs. If you need more cover it's as simple as taking out another policy.

A short-term business policy offers the same level of cover as standard business van insurance, but for a shorter period of time. As long as you’ve got the van owner’s permission you can take out a temp policy on the van while there’s existing insurance in place. Taking out an additional temp policy doesn’t put the owner’s no claims bonus at risk.

Some of the benefits of a temporary business policy include:

  • Instant cover available
  • Comprehensive cover as standard on all policies
  • Flexible cover with insurance from 1 hour up to 28 days
  • You only pay for the length of cover you need
  • No risk to yours or the van owner's existing no-claims bonus

When could short-term business van insurance help my company?

Temporary business van insurance could help your company whenever you need short-term cover quickly, including for:

  • Borrowing a van
  • Buying or test-driving a van
  • Covering new employees
  • Temporary business needs

Borrowing a van. If you’re borrowing a van from someone because yours is in for repairs or due for its MOT/service.

Buying or test driving a van. You can buy a temp policy for an hour, so it’s ideal for a test drive or until you buy annual cover on a new van you're buying.

Covering new employees. If you have new employees starting, you could save time and improve productivity by getting them covered and working from day 1 while you search for a suitable deal for an annual insurance policy.

Temporary business needs. A short-term policy could cost less than an annual policy if you only need a van for temporary business needs rather than regular use.

Find short-term business van insurance from our partner Tempcover

What’s covered by temporary business van insurance?

All temp business van insurance policies we offer are fully comprehensive. So if you’re involved in an accident, you, your van and third parties are covered.

It’s also suited for tradespeople, shopkeepers, or cleaners to cover carrying your own goods and equipment.

Always check the policy wording before you buy, as cover can vary depending on the insurer.

What's not covered?

Temporary business van insurance is a highly flexible product, but it doesn't cover:

  • Using your van for hire and reward (being paid to carry other people’s goods)
  • Vans weighing more than 7.5 tonnes
  • Transporting hazardous materials

But these are all things that you can get cover for with an annual van insurance policy. Transporting hazardous materials is usually available as an optional extra.

How much does temporary business van insurance cost?

The average prices for one day and one week of cover are*

One day


One week


*Based on Confused.com data from Tempcover average policy purchase prices in November 2022

How much you pay mainly depends on:

  • The van you want to insure and its value
  • The length of cover you need
  • How you’ll use the van
  • Why you need temporary cover
  • Your age
  • Your driving experience
  • Where you operate

The best way to find out how much you’ll pay for a policy is to get a quote.

Who can get temporary business van insurance?

To get covered, you'll need:

  • A full driving license, held for at least 6 months
  • To be aged between 18 and 80
  • Your UK address

What will I need to get a temporary business van insurance quote?

To get a quote from our partner Tempcover, you'll need to give us some details about:

Your policy:

  • Why you need temporary van cover
  • The length of cover you require
  • When you want the policy to start

Your van:

  • Make and model
  • Weight
  • Body type
  • Approximate value


  • Your age
  • How long you’ve held your driving license
  • Address
  • Occupation

What our van insurance expert says

Temporary business van insurance gives you the flexibility to persue all your business needs. You could save time and money by getting instant short-term cover for your business van only when you need it.

Head of van insurance signature

Dan McCulloch

Head of van insurance

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