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Volkswagen van insurance

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Volkswagen van insurance

Whether your Volkswagen van is a business-essential workhorse or just an everyday run-around, it’s important to have the right insurance cover in place to protect you, your business or family from any loss. That’s where Confused.com comes in - we compare a large panel of insurance companies, on a range of specialised insurance products, to help you find the right cover at our best price. 

What do you need to know about Volkswagen van insurance?

To help you understand your van insurance quotes, we’ve put together some important information about Volkswagen’s current range of commercial vehicles. Insurers use all these factors to help work out your insurance premium. For example, if your VW Caddy has the largest, most powerful engine in the range, you could pay a higher insurance premium than other models in the range.

Model Engine Size Load Capacity Seats Payloads
1.6 - 2.0TDI, 5/6 speed manual
3.2 - 4.2m3
703 - 752kg
2.0TDI 5/6 speed manual, 7 speed dual clutch
5.8 – 9.3m3
2 - 8
2.0TDI, 6 speed manual
6.9 - 17m3
2 - 8
1019 - 3022kg
Amarok (pickup)
2 - 8
772 - 1145kg

What affects my Volkswagen van insurance?

Van insurance policy prices are influenced by a variety of things, including your circumstances, your history, and your vehicle. So they are difficult to predict. But you can expect commercial vehicles with larger, more powerful engines or more seats to have higher insurance prices.

Volkswagen: did you know?

  • Founded - 1937
  • Founder - Ferdinand Porsche
  • Headquarters - Wolfsburg, Germany
  • Products - Automobiles

Volkswagen, which means “People’s car” in German, is a German automobile producer headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. They’re Germany’s biggest automobile manufacturer and the second biggest in the world. They’re also known for spending more than any other automaker on research and development of emerging products.

They’ve enjoyed more than 70 years as a market leader in automobile production and have secured their reputation as a producer of high-quality, reliable vehicles. Their commercial range can be configured to a range of specifications, making them a popular choice for most fleets and businesses.

Want to learn more about van insurance?

See the DVLA website which can help you predict what tax band your Volkswagen van might be in.

We can help you find our best policy and price for your Volkswagen van – complete our form and we’ll compare quotes from our panel of providers and show you our best quote in minutes.

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