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Common uses for a van in your business


No matter what business you're in, a van can be an extremely useful tool that not only makes your life easier but helps attract more customers. This is as true for one-man bands as it is for global multi-national corporations.

Transit van

Basic uses

The most obvious use of a van is for transport purposes. For example, if you are involved in the retail trade this may include picking items up from wholesalers and bringing them back to your store or delivering to customers.

Paying a courier to pick up goods can be very expensive so being able to do it yourself will help boost the balance sheet. In the longer run it may be even more cost effective to employ a driver as well.

A van can also provide much needed extra space for smaller firms. When storage facilities are at a premium it can be very useful to have room in which to stack a few boxes until a free area becomes available in-house.

For those who work as tradesmen – builders, plumbers or electricians – the van will become a support unit, transporting the various tools needed to carry out particular jobs and being crammed with all manner of parts and spares.

Make a van the centre of your business

In some cases the business will be built around the van. There is certainly no shortage of firms whose owners have either removal firms or house clearance operations that simply couldn’t run without a solid, reliable vehicle.

But the flat sides of a van have another purpose. They turn the vehicle into a rolling advert and unlike other forms of promotion it works 24-hours-a-day, seven days-a-week. Wherever it’s parked it will be telling the public about the services you offer.

You can paint it in your corporate colours and emblazoned with your company name, what you do and the various ways of getting in touch, such as telephone numbers, email addresses and websites. It’s all about getting your message across.

Remember also to put your contact information on the back as well. Thousands of people will be stuck in slow-moving traffic every night of the week in virtually every town of the country... Chances are that one of them will need your services!

Your van represents your firm

For some businesses the choice of van becomes an important part of their marketing strategy. An American diner, for example, may decide that a classic GMC van painted in the Stars and Stripes as an ideal form of promotion.

Others may choose to get their ride customised to mark it out as individual and put it more in line with the firm it represents. A car bodyshop, for example, will be expected to have a van that has been fully decked out with side skirts and spoilers.

However, while a neatly presented, beautifully sign-written van will send out positive messages about your business, one that is filthy dirty, dented and generally uncared for is likely to deter potential customers from getting in touch.

Of course, this is hardly surprising. Would you trust someone to do work round your house or transport your precious belongings across the country if they clearly couldn’t be bothered to look after their own? Remember: presentation is everything.

Therefore, business owners need to make sure their vehicles are kept clean and that any bump-ups are repaired as soon as possible. Every day it goes out in a less than perfect state is another day it won’t be marketing on your behalf.

A workhorse, a promotional tool and a very useful all-round piece of kit. When you consider all the potential benefits of owning a van you’ll soon be wondering how you – and your business – survived without one.

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