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Jaguars are high-end, powerful cars often compared to the likes of BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. As a result, they tend to be in the higher car insurance groups. This means insurance can be on the more expensive side. We work with 174 insurance brands to help find you suitable, affordable quotes for your Jaguar, whatever model you have. 

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How much does a Jaguar cost to insure?

The price you pay to insure your Jaguar will depend on the model you drive, as well as your personal circumstances.

Here's how much it costs to insure some of the most popular models, on average:

Model Average price1
Jaguar E-Pace R-Dynamic HSE D180 AWD
Jaguar F-Pace Portfolio 180
Jaguar I-Pace HSE Black £982
Jaguar S Type SE D £356
Jaguar Sovereign TVDI £351

1Based on data January - June 2023

What affects the price of car insurance?

Insurers base cost on various factors, including:

Your age: Generally, the older you are, the less you pay for insurance. This is because older drivers normally have more experience on the road than younger drivers, so insurers consider them lower risk.

Where you live: Some areas have higher rates of vehicle theft than others. Living in an area like this will mean your insurance costs are higher than living in a quiet area with lower risk.

Your occupation: Insurers consider some jobs to be more risk than others. If you drive a lot for work, you'll be at higher risk of being in accidents. Your job might also mean you regularly park in areas where your car could be at risk of damage or theft.

Your car: Insurers rank vehicles from insurance groups 1 to 50, with cars in higher groups costing more to insure. Jaguar models can be expensive, with the more powerful models falling in group 50.

Your driving history: Driving convictions and previous claims will impact how much you pay.

How can I save on my Jaguar insurance?

  • Shop around and compare quotes instead of auto-renewing. You don't have to accept your renewal quote. Comparing prices is one of the best ways to insure you're getting the best deal for the cover you need. The best time to buy your policy is around 26 days2 before your renewal date.
  • Pay annually rather than monthly. When you pay monthly, insurers add admin fees and interest. By opting to pay annually, you could save 16%2 on your car insurance.
  • Add a named driver with a good driving history. This can be especially helpful for young drivers. On average, insurance with just one driver on a policy is £7252. With a named driver, this goes down to £5552. You should be honest about who the main driver is though, otherwise you could be 'fronting'. This can invalidate your insurance.
  • Estimate your mileage accurately. Typically, the more miles you drive, the more your insurance will cost. Overestimating your annual mileage will mean you're paying for miles you don't drive. Our customers drive 6,6212 miles per year, on average. If you don't drive many miles, you might benefit from a pay-as-you-go policy.
  • Increase your voluntary excess. The more you're willing to pay towards any claims, the lower your insurance could be. Just make sure you set your voluntary excess at a level that you can afford. The most popular excess amount is £250, with 62%2 of our customers opting for this level. 
  • Improve your car's security with a steering wheel lock, car tracker, or immobiliser to reduce the chances of theft. If your Jaguar was manufactured after 1997, it should have an immobiliser fitted as standard, but it's always worth checking. Make sure you keep any valuables out of sight too.
  • Build up your no-claims bonus (NCB). Each year you don't make a car insurance claim, you get a year added to your NCB. Insurers offer discounts for each year of no-claims you build up. If you've got a few years built up, it could be worth considering a policy with no-claims discount protection. These policies mean you can make a certain number of no-fault claims in a year and not lose your NCB.

2Based on data December 2022 - April 2023.

What types of insurance can I get for my Jaguar?

  • Third-party insurance is the lowest level of insurance legally required in the UK. It covers you for damage to someone else's vehicle or if you injure them while driving. Your passengers will be covered too. But it won't cover theft or damage to your Jaguar.
  • Third-party, fire and theft provides cover for everything included with third-party insurance, but also covers your car if it's stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Comprehensive insurance is the highest level of cover you can get. It includes everything covered by third-party, fire and theft, plus cover for you and your car in the event of an accident.

What optional add-ons can I get with my Jaguar car insurance?

Windscreen cover will cover the cost of replacing your windscreen, rear or side windows after an accident.

Breakdown cover provides assistance if you break down on the road. Many providers offer different levels of breakdown cover. These can include home start, European cover, and local or national recovery.

Personal accident cover will pay out if you're injured or die in an accident.

Motor legal protection means you can claim back legal expenses following a claim. This can include the cost of solicitors, medical treatments and travel costs, depending on your policy.

Jaguar history and facts

Jaguar was founded in 1922 as the Swallow Sidecar Company, originally manufacturing motorcycle sidecars. A decade late it screwed the first big cat emblem on the front of its first car and an icon was born. The 1935 SS Jaguar 2.5l saloon was a sleek, low-slung vehicle that captured the mood of the times.

Over the years Jaguar moved from providing cars for day-to-day driving to entering the racing world. In the 1950s it developed first the C-Type, which won Le Mans in 1951 and 1953.

The D-type with its signature tail fin was introduced in 1954, but it was probably the E-Type that put Jaguar on the map. In the 1960s everyone from Frank Sinatra to Peter Sellers had one. It smoothly manoeuvred itself into the swinging sixties, becoming as much an icon of the age as the Beatles or mini skirts.

Since the 1960s Jaguar has maintained a high profile, introducing new models and reaping the benefit classic models appearing in the likes of television series such as Morse. The firm shifted up a gear in the 21st Century with fresh impetus in the realm of zero-emission models and has been active the Formula-E arena.

In 2021, Jaguar announced that it plans to make all of its new cars fully electric by 2025. The company has also partnered with EV charging network Plugsurfing to provide customers with access to 300,000 charging points across 26 countries.

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