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1Correct as of March 2024

How much does my Volkswagen cost to insure?

The price of car insurance will depend on the model you drive and your personal circumstances, so it can vary quite a bit.

Prices for insuring some popular Volkswagen models are:

Model Average price*
Golf match TDI
Polo S (60)
Passat Blue Motion Tech
Tiguan SE Navigation

*Based on data October - April 2024. Comprehensive cover for drivers who've held their licence for 5+ years.

What affects the price of car insurance?

There are a variety of different factors insurers use to calculate insurance prices, including:

Your age: Younger drivers tend to pay more for their insurance as they are seen as higher risk due to having less experience on the roads. Statistically this means they are more likely to be in an accident.

Where you live: If you live in a rural area, you may pay less for your insurance than those living in built-up areas which are likely to have higher rates of car theft.

Your occupation: The types of people you work alongside, where your car is kept during work and how much you drive can all affect the cost of your insurance. Insurers are likely to judge jobs where you spend a lot of time on the roads in your car as higher risk.

Your car: Insurers use insurance groups to help determine the cost of insurance. All cars are ranked from 1 to 50 with cars in group 1 being the cheapest to insure and those in 50 being the most costly. Volkswagen insurance groups usually range from 1 to 39 with the most powerful and expensive models being in group 39.

Your driving history: Your insurance is likely to pay more if you have previous claims or driving convictions.

Car insurance group checker

We couldn't find a car with this registration.

How can I save on my car insurance?

Several things can help to reduce the cost of your Volkswagen insurance, regardless of your driving history, age or location. Some things you can do are:

Estimate your mileage accurately

Driving more miles can increase your insurance costs as insurers will see you as higher risk. If you aren't expecting to drive many miles, you might find a pay as you go policy could be better value.

Improve your car's security

Adding features such as a steering wheel lock, car tracker or immobiliser to reduce the chances of it being stolen. Parking habits will also affect your insurance - if you're able to park in a secure garage rather than a dimly lit street, you can reduce the risk to your vehicle.

Build up your no-claims bonus (NCB)

Each year you don't claim on your insurance to take advantage of insurer discounts based on the number of years you've got. Look out for insurers that offer to protect your NCB. This allows you to make a limited number of no-fault claims before your NCB is affected, although you usually have to pay more for this feature.

Pay annually rather than monthly.

When you pay monthly, insurers add interest to your price which can increase the cost by 16%2 compared to paying annually.

Add a named driver

Having another driver on the policy with a good driving history can reduce your costs by up to 20%. You'll need to make sure you're honest about who the main driver is though. If not, you'll be seen to be 'fronting' which is illegal and will be likely to invalidate your policy.

Increase your voluntary excess

If you can afford to cover a higher payment in event of a claim. The higher your overall excess, the lower your insurance cost will generally be. The most popular voluntary excess is £250.

Shop around and compare quotes

Make sure you get the best deal for the cover you need. You can save up to According to our data, around 18 days before your renewal date is often the cheapest time to buy.2

2Based on data January - March 2024

What insurance can I get for my Volkswagen?

There are three levels of car insurance you can choose from:

  • Third-party
  • Third-party, fire and theft
  • Comprehensive
  • Third-party is the minimum level of cover you legally need in the UK. Third-party insurance covers you if you damage someone else's car or injure them or your passengers while driving. Your Volkswagen won't be protected against theft, damage or repairs following an accident.
  • Third-party, fire and theft adds to the cover provided by third-party by also covering your Volkswagen if it's damaged by fire or stolen.
  • Comprehensive offers everything in third-party, fire and theft as well as cover for you and your car if you're in an accident. This is the highest level of cover you can get, however it can sometimes also be the cheapest, so make sure to compare prices.

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