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Audi car insurance

We compare car insurance for a wide range of manufacturers, including all models of Audi. Audi's are frequently in higher insurance groups because of their value and bigger engine sizes, which means car insurance can be a bit more expensive. The cost of car insurance will understandably be influenced by the price tag, engine size, modifications and age of the car. 

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How much does a Audi cost to insure?

Many of Audi's models are in the high-value bracket and frequently in higher insurance groups too – especially those with powerful engines and where repair costs can often be high because replacement parts are expensive. That means Audi car insurance may not be the cheapest.

But given the vast range of cars that Audi offers, car insurance premiums vary dramatically depending on the specific model.

Understandably the price tag, engine size and age of the car will be reflected in the Audi car insurance costs offered to you.

As well as your car, your own circumstances will have a bearing. For example you may live near a traffic black spot or in a postcode where cars are more frequently stolen and that could drive your premium higher.

Audi A1 insurance

Insurance costs for an Audi A1 can vary massively due to the insurance groups they fall into. Some A1 models such as the Audi A1 1.2 FSi SE are classified as insurance group 9, while the Audi A1 TFSI Black Edition models are classified as group 22-28. You can see the difference in insurance group using the Thatcham vehicle search tool.

You can usually assume that the higher the insurance group your car is placed in, the bigger your Audi car insurance cost is likely to be.

An A1 Sport 35 TFSI 150 is likely to cost around £620* a year to insure while the A1 S1 Quattro will set you back a typical £1,373*.

*These prices are a median based on the model, and all our customer quotes from 12 July to 12 October 2022. This includes different locations, driving background and other factors. Your own quote could be cheaper or more expensive depending on your personal circumstances.

Audi A3 insurance

The same situation applies with the Audi A3. Audi A3 models are classed in insurance groups 14 to 46, so like the A1 the cost of insurance can vary significantly depending on which exact model you have.

An A3 S Line TFSI 150 will likely set you back an average of £631* to insure. That rises to an average £2,365* for an A3 RS3 Sport Edition Quattro.

You generally pay more for insurance if you have a bigger engine. Your age, driving experience and where you live also affect your Audi car insurance costs.

Though not specific to insuring an A3 or an Audi in general, insurers will also take into account several other factors when deciding your premium. These could include:

  • Any no claims discount
  • Your driving history
  • The age of your car
  • Whether you’re married or single
  • Your car’s safety rating and anti-theft precautions
  • Your credit history and profession
  • The number of miles you drive every year

Audi A4 insurance

The Audi A4 is sold as an executive saloon and this sense of prestige translates to its average insurance costs. The Audi A4 insurance groups range from 19 to 41, depending on the engine size and trim.

For example, the 2.0 TDI Ultra SE 4d sits in insurance group 9, but the 2.0 TDI Ultra Sport 4d S Tronic is in insurance group 27.

Prestige models like these tend to be more expensive to insure because their powerful engines might mean more expensive repair costs. Their price tag and desirability also makes them a bigger target for thieves. If you're looking to cut the cost of insuring an Audi A4, you could:

  • Only use it for social purposes
  • Limit your mileage
  • Ensure it's locked up and stored securely at night

For an idea of specific costs an Audi A4 Technik Quattro TDI could be insured for a typical £587*. That rises to a whopping £5,723* for an A4 SE Quattro TFSI (211).

Audi Q5 insurance

As a prestige compact SUV, the Audi Q5 insurance group tends to be higher than some other models. Audi Q5 insurance groups range from around 25 to 45, with the higher-end models having specialist trim options.

With competition from the likes of Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz, it's no wonder that the Audi Q5 tends to lean towards the highest insurance groups.

The Q5 Sport Quattro 40 TDI 190 can be insured for a typical £899* a year. For a Q5 SQ5 Quattro TFSI expect to pay an average of £1,217*.

History and facts about Audi

August Horch, one of Germany's pioneering personalities automobile engineers, was the founder of Audi.

In 1899 he started his own business A. Horch & Cie. in Cologne before moving to Zwickau. Following disagreement with the board, Horch left in 1909 and immediately established a second car company in Zwickau.

However, because his surname Horch was already in use by his former company and protected by trademark, he chose its Latin translation for the new company. So ‘horch’ – or ‘hark’ – became ‘audi’ .

Admittedly a bit of a mouthful, Audi Automobilwerke GmbH, Zwickau began trading in April 1910.

Classic Audi models

TThe first-generation Audi 80 (B1 series) was launched in 1972. By the time production of this generation ceased, more than a million cars had been built.

The 1970s was a defining period for Audi. 1974 saw the appointment of Ferdinand Piëch as Head of Technical Development. During the ‘Piëch era’ Audi became synonymous with innovative car manufacture. The five-cylinder engine (1976), turbocharging (1979) and quattro four-wheel drive (1980) stand as testimony to this innovative spirit.

The Audi Quattro made its debut in March 1980 at the Geneva Motor Show. The expression ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ which means ‘progress through technology' was the phrase used in every Audi TV advert at this time. It certainly applied to the Audi Quattro, with a permanent four-wheel drive that made it ideal for driving on different types of road surfaces in both winter and summer.

Over 10 million cars with the Quattro drive have been produced since then. Audi has always offered the Quattro drive in different versions, customised for each model.

The Audi TT is another classic Audi creation. The 2-door production sports car that dates back to the late 1990s is now in its third generation.

Its sleek, iconic shape has been maintained, with refinements added over the years. The current top of the range is the TT RS Vorsprung6.

If you're lucky enough to own a classic Audi, find out more about classic car insurance.

Audi e-tron

E-tron is Audi's new range of fully electric cars.

The cars currently available new are Q4 e-tron and the e-tron GT.

The Q4 e-tron is an SUV and is available with a coupe finish on the Q4 Sportback e-tron. The SUV can achieve up to 321 miles on a full charge, while the Sportback can go up to 328. The battery for both models is 29 minutes.

E-tron GT Quattro and the RS e-tron Quattro are sportier options. The e-tron GT reaches 62mph in 4.1 seconds, the RS in 3.3.

The e-tron GT 293-297 miles per charge compared to 283 on the RS. Both can achieve 80% charge in 23 minutes.

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