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How much does a Vauxhall cost to insure?

The price of your Vauxhall car insurance will be influenced by your personal circumstances. Insurers will take into account your age, postcode and driving history, for example.

The Vauxhall model you choose is also an important factor. Vauxhalls are cheap to run and repair, which is a plus. But for this reason, younger drivers with less experience often opt for these cars. In turn, this can drive up the average cost of insurance - especially with the Vauxhall Corsa. This is why it’s vital to compare insurance prices before you buy.

Here are the average car insurance prices for some of the most popular Vauxhall models:

Model Average price*
Corsa SE
Insignia SRI
Mokka X Active
Zafira Design
Corsa SXI

*Based on data August 2023 - January 2024

Top tip: If you’re a classic car enthusiast, you might like to know that classic Vauxhalls are considerably cheaper to insure. Get a quote for your Vauxhall classic car.

Want to know more about what affects the cost of Vauxhall insurance? See how car insurance is calculated.

How can I save on Vauxhall car insurance?

The price you pay for car insurance for your Vauxhall is influenced by numerous factors - including your age, location and driving history. You may not have much choice in these, but there are other ways in which you might bring down the cost of your insurance:

Add an experienced named driver

Adding a named driver to your policy spreads the risk for your insurer. Young drivers especially can benefit from adding someone with a good driving history to their policy, as this can help bring the cost down. But it’s important to be honest - the main driver on the policy needs to be the one who drives the car most.

Consider a black box policy

If you’re willing for your driving to be monitored, it’s worth considering a black box insurance policy - otherwise known as telematics. Your insurer will then price your Vauxhall car insurance in line with how you drive, where safe driving will mean cheaper prices. This factors in things like your mileage, speed, how smoothly you brake and accelerate - and sometimes the times of day you drive.

Up your car security 

It’s worth thinking about where you park your Vauxhall. If it’s on the street, it’s at greater risk of being stolen, vandalised or hit by a careless motorist. If you can park off-road, especially in a secure garage, your car will be safer. This could lead to a reduction in the price of your car insurance. Likewise, if you install anti-theft features such as an immobiliser, car insurers may look on this favourably.

Pay upfront

When you compare Vauxhall car insurance, the quotes you receive give you the choice of paying monthly, or the full annual amount upfront. If you can afford it, upfront will work out better, because paying monthly means interest is added. If you pay upfront for your Vauxhall insurance, it could save you up to 38%(2).
If you’re looking for more ways to pay less for Vauxhall cover, check out these top tips for cheaper car insurance.

(2)Based on data January - March 2024.

What insurance group is my Vauxhall in?

It's always a good shout to work out how much car insurance is likely to cost, especially if you’re considering buying a new Vauxhall. To give you an idea, check the Vauxhall model's car insurance group

All car models fall into one of 50 car insurance groups. Generally speaking, these groups are ranked in terms of insurance risk. Insurance costs go up the higher the group.

Factors affecting a car’s insurance group include: 

  • The car's value: Expensive cars tend to fall into higher groups.
  • Security features: Features which prevent theft will help cars fall into lower groups.
  • Repair costs: If a car is more pricey to fix, it'll fall into a higher group.
  • The power of the engine: Cars with high top speeds and punchy acceleration are statistically more likely to be involved in a collision. This means they're likely to be in higher groups.
  • How safe the car is: The more safety features a car has, the less likely it will be in a collision - for example ABS brakes. Safer cars will fall into lower groups.

Car insurance group checker

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What insurance can I get for my Vauxhall?

There are 3 levels of car insurance you can choose from:

  • The minimum level of car insurance cover required by UK law is third-party only (TPO). If you have a collision with a third party, this means your insurance will cover injuries to them, and damage to their vehicle and property. But if you damage your Vauxhall, your insurance won’t cover you for its repairs. Nor will you be protected if it’s stolen, or has fire damage.
  • The middle level of cover is third-party, fire and theft (TPFT). While this doesn’t cover your car if you have a collision, or any injury you sustain, it does cover you for claims made by third parties - for injury or damage to their vehicles. Plus you’re protected if your car is damaged by fire or stolen.
  • The highest level of cover is comprehensive car insurance. All policies cover injury to third parties or damage to their vehicles. But comprehensive insurance protects you against damage to your own car, and injury to you or your passengers. Plus you’re covered for fire and theft. This level of cover frequently works out the cheapest, so be sure to compare policies.

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