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BMW are widely known for their high-end quality and premium features. We work with 160 insurers to find you car insurance for your BMW, no matter which model you own. Your insurance costs will depend on the insurance group your BMW is in, as well as you and your driving history.

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How much does a BMW cost to insure?

The cost of BMW car insurance can differ quite a lot, depending on the model you drive as well as your individual circumstances.

The average price to insure a few popular BMW models are:

Model Average price1
BMW 320 D M Sport
BMW 118i M Sport £595
BMW X1 sDrive16d SE £490
BMW X3 xDrive20d M Sport £540
BMW X5 D Sport £672

1Based on data December 2022 - May 2023

What affects the price of car insurance?

A variety of factors are looked at by insurers to determine insurance costs, including:

Your age: Younger drivers who have less driving experience are considered higher risk than older drivers by insurers. This is because they are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident.

Where you live: Drivers who live in built-up areas with higher rates of vehicle theft will often pay more for insurance than those in rural areas that have less risk.

Your occupation: Some jobs are considered to be more risky than others by insurers. They will consider how much time you spend on the road, the types of people you're likely to be around, or where your car is likely to be kept during work.

Your car: All cars are assigned an insurance group which helps determine how much it costs to insure them. Groups run from 1 to 50, with more powerful and expensive models being in group 50. The higher the group, the more your car insurance costs may be. BMW insurance groups range from 17 to 50.

Your driving history: if you have any previous claims or driving convictions your car insurance costs will be impacted.

How can I save on my BMW car insurance?

There are a few things you can do to save on your car insurance regardless of your age, location and driving history:

  • Pay annually rather than monthly
  • Add a named driver
  • Increase your voluntary excess
  • Shop around and compare quotes
  • Estimate your mileage accurately
  • Improve your car's security
  • Build up your no-claims discount

Pay annually rather than monthly. It can cost up to 16%2 more to pay for your insurance monthly rather than with one annual payment. This is due to the additional interest costs insurers add to your total monthly price.

Add a named driver with a good driving record and experience to reduce the cost of your insurance. Young drivers in particular can benefit from this, although you need to be honest about who the main driver is. Otherwise you may 'fronting', which is illegal and likely to invalidate your insurance. The average premium with just one driver on a policy is £7252. With a named driver, this goes down to £5552.

Increase your voluntary excess. Many drivers opt for a voluntary excess of £250, with 62%2 of our customers choosing this amount. However, the higher you set your excess, the lower the cost of your insurance may be. If you can afford to set it a little higher, you might be able to reduce your overall costs.

Shop around and compare quotes. Compare prices to make sure you're getting the best deal for your cover. According to our data you may find the best prices for your policy if you buy cover around 26 days before your renewal date2.

Estimate your mileage accurately. Typically, the more miles you drive, the more your insurance will cost. This is because driving more puts you at a higher risk of making a claim. Our customers drive 6,621 miles per year, on average2. If you don't drive many miles, you might benefit from a pay-as-you-go policy.

Improve your car's security to reduce the chance of car theft. Adding a steering wheel lock, car tracker or immobiliser can all help. If you have the option, parking in a secure garage rather than a dimly lit street can also help reduce the risk of your BMW being stolen.

Build up your no-claims bonus (NCB) up with each year you don't claim on your insurance. Most insurers will offer a discount for each year of NCB you've got. Look out for policies with NCB protection available as this will allow you to make a certain amount of no-fault claims without losing your NCB.

2Based on data December 2022 - April 2023

What insurance can I get for my BMW?

There are three levels of car insurance you can choose from:

  • Third-party
  • Third-party, fire and theft
  • Fully comprehensive
  • Third-party is the minimum level of insurance legally required to drive on UK roads. Third-party insurance covers you if you damage another person's car in an accident. It also covers injury to them or to passengers in your own car. It won't cover any damage to your BMW following an accident, or if it's stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Third-party, fire and theft gives you all the cover included in third-party, but with the added benefit of covering your BMW if it's stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Comprehensive is the highest level of cover available. With this, you'll have all the protection included with Third-party, fire and theft, as well as cover for your own vehicle in event of an accident. Although it's the highest level of cover it's often also the cheaper option.

What optional add-ons can I get with my BMW insurance?

You'll usually be able to choose from a range of add-ons to include in your policy. They come at an additional cost, so only add those you think you'll need. Some common optional extras are:

Personal accident cover provides cover in event of serious injury or death caused by an accident. The amount paid out will typically depend on the severity of the injury.

Breakdown cover often comes with a choice of packages so you can choose what level of help you'd want if you were to breakdown at the roadside. Features often available include roadside assistance, home start and local and national recovery.

Motor legal protection covers the cost of any legal expenses following a claim. This can include the cost of solicitors, medical treatments and travel, but what exactly is covered will depend on your policy.

Windscreen cover will cover replacing your windscreen or side and rear windows following an accident.

The history of BMW

Founded in Germany in 1916, BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft, which translates to Bavarian Motor Works. A year later in 1917, the now-famous logo was introduced, incorporating the Bavarian state colours.

All manufacturing took place in sites across Germany to start with, but due to the Second World War many of these were temporarily closed. Its first car manufactured post-war, the 501, wasn't produced until 1951.

In 1972, BMW opened a plant in South Africa. It wasn’t until 1989 that it opened the first production facility in the USA, built to produce the Z3 Roadster. This move sealed BMW's status as a global player in the automotive industry.

It’s come along in leaps and bounds since the 70s and bought some other big brands, including the iconic British Mini brand, which was relaunched in 2001 with the Mini Hatch.

It now sells its luxury cars across the globe, including a range of electric vehicles. Along with Mini, Rolls Royce is also incorporated within the BMW group.

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