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We work with specialist insurers who offer car insurance for a range of manufacturers, including BMW. BMW are widely known for their high-end quality, and premium features. Whether you have a performance or sports model BMW with modifications, we can help find you the cover you need. 

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How much does a BMW cost to insure?

From high-performance sports cars to luxury 4x4s, there’s a huge range of cars to choose from if you want a BMW. However, the amount you’ll pay for your car insurance can vary depending on the model you choose.

The most popular BMW cars in the UK are the BMW 5 Series, the BMW 7 Series and the BMW 3 Series according to YouGov. BMW reported its highest-ever sales in 2021, beating pre-pandemic levels.

The BMW 1 series of cars is marketed at families and the average cost of this BMW insurance varies widely depending on the model and trim. As a guide, the popular BMW 116i Sport has an average annual premium of £1,456.50* a year.

Another popular range is the BMW 3 series saloon car, which is slightly more expensive to buy and insure. Average annual insurance costs for the BMW 320d SE 163bhp model are around £597.51*.

If you want a bigger car with more space, the BMW 5 series could be more suitable. But the more you pay for the car, the more you can expect to pay for BMW car insurance.

The average premium for the BMW 520d SE is £860.04* per year, for example, while the 520d M Sport will set you back a slightly lower £787.48*.

There’s also the X series of cars, which now includes all-electric models. A standard BMW X5 has an average premium of £1,067.63* according to our data.

*These prices are an average based on the model, and all our customer quotes from 15/10/2022 - 15/01/2023. This includes different locations, driving background and other factors. Your own quote could be cheaper or more expensive depending on your personal circumstances..

**All car purchase prices correct as of January 2023 - 

Why does BMW car insurance cost so much?

As BMW is a luxury car brand, the cost to repair or replace a car if it’s damaged or stolen will be a lot higher than a cheaper model. Therefore, you can expect to pay a higher price for BMW insurance to cover these costs.

The newer the car, the higher the price will be. Similarly, if you’ve chosen a top-of-the-range model, expect to pay for the luxury.

However, as with any insurance policy the exact price will depend not just on the car but other factors including your age, profession and address along with your driving experience and history.

That’s why it’s always worth comparing BMW insurance to make sure you find a policy that works for you, your car and your budget.

BMW 1 Series

If you’re looking for a family car, this hatchback is one of the most popular. You can choose from a petrol or diesel engine and there are lots of different models and specifications to choose from.

BMW 3 Series Saloon

Starting at £38,990** for a new model, you can pick a petrol, diesel, or plug-in hybrid car in this series.

Voted Car of the Year in 2022 by What Car?, the inside of this saloon has BMW’s largest ever sunroof, sports seats and even a light carpet for when you get in and out the car.

The BMW 3 Series plug-in hybrid was the best-selling 'upper-medium' car of 2022 according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). It had a 25.6% share of this segment of the market.

BMW 5 Series Saloon

A slightly bigger (and more expensive) version of the 3 series, this model starts at £42,580** for a new car.

It’s one of the most popular small luxury cars out there and the original model was first launched in 2009, with the newest going on sale in 2017.

There’s a range of options to choose from to suit anyone looking for a luxury saloon – from petrol or diesel to a plug-in hybrid plus the option of two or four-wheel drive.

It was awarded the 'Best Luxury Car' at the WhatCar? 2022 awards.

BMW X Series models

If you’re looking for space, the X series of SUVs are a good option if you can afford the cost.

The range was first launched in 2003 and at the time BMW said it was the leading compact SUV in the premium end of the market.

Since then many new versions have been launched, including the all-electric BMW iX.

BMW i series models models

The BMW i range is a collection of the brand's electric cars. There are lots to choose from, of varying styles, sizes and prices.

The first to launch was the all-electric BMW i3 which starts at £33,805** with a mileage range of 177 to 190. There are several options including saloons and SUVs.

Yet if you're able to go for a more expensive version, it's also worth remembering that BMW insurance for higher-end models will also cost you more.

The history of BMW

BMW, which stands for Bavarian Motor Works, was founded in Germany in 1916. A year later in 1917 all of its products featured the now famous logo, which incorporates the Bavarian state colours.

All manufacturing took place in sites across Germany to start with and after the Second World War many of these were temporarily closed. It wasn’t until 1951 that it produced its first car after the end of the war, which was the 501.

In 1972 BMW opened a plant in South Africa but it wasn’t until 1989 that it opened the first production facility in the USA, in South Carolina. This move sealed it as a global player in the automotive industry. The American site was built to produce the BMW Z3 Roadster.

It’s come along in leaps and bounds since the 70s and bought some other big brands, including the iconic British Mini brand, which was relaunched in 2001 with the Mini Hatch.

It now sells its luxury cars across the globe, including a range of electric vehicles. Along with BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce are both incorporated within the BMW group.

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