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  • Click 'Quote Short Term' to visit Provisional Marmalade and get a quote for short-term learner insurance that allows learners to practice in a friend’s or family car without risking the insurance of the car owner
  • What is learner driver insurance from Provisional Marmalade?

    • With learner insurance from Provisional Marmalade, you can buy a short-term top-up policy for 1-3 months that means you can legally drive while you learn in a parent, guardian, relative or friend's car without affecting their existing vehicle insurance.
    • The provisional policy from Provisional Marmalade not only creates a comfortable environment for you to learn in, but it could be cheaper than being added to an existing insurance policy whilst you learn.
    • With cover for vehicles up to group 32 and a market value of £20,000, your parent or guardian can be sure their no claims bonus will be safe and secure even whilst you're still on your L plates.

    Clicking on 'Quote Short Term' at the top of the page takes you to the Provisional Marmalade website where you can get a quote for a short-term learner insurance policy from Provisional Marmalade.

    How is Provisional Marmalade different from a standard learner driver policy?

    • A standard learner driver car insurance policy compared through Confused.com runs for a full 12 month period while you learn to drive or until you pass your test at which point it becomes a standard insurance policy
    Clicking on 'Get a car quote' at the top of the page uses Confused.com to compare prices on full length policies from lots of different insurers offering cover for learner car insurance.

    Take a look at our learning to drive page for a more detailed guide on what to expect as you learn to drive.

    Why do I need learner driver car insurance?

    Why do I need learner driver car insurance?
    • Keep your costs down – practice without paying for driving lessons*
    • Learn to drive in your own car*
    • Keep it in the family - Practice driving under supervision of friends or family*

    *Learners vehicle must be insured and under supervision of an experienced driver aged 25+ holding a full licence for 3 years

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    Short term top up cover is arranged and administered by Provisional Marmalade Ltd, 2 Bramhall Place, Storeys Bar Road, Peterborough, PE1 5YS. Registered in England & Wales, registration number 06779950. Provisional Marmalade Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority – no 542063.