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Insurance for flood risk homes

Flood damage can be expensive to repair, cover your home today!

  • The risk of flooding is expected to increase over the next few decades
  • Make sure you're not underinsured if disaster strikes
  • Find out how you could protect your home and check for flood warnings in your area with this tool

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What is flood insurance?

It's a policy that covers damage to your home and possessions caused by a deluge which could include the costs of:

    • Drying out, repairing and restoring your property
    • Repair or replacement of damaged belongings and furniture
    • Alternative accommodation while your home is uninhabitable
    • Professional fees such as solicitors and surveyors

Tip: If you've been affected by storm or water damage it's useful to keep photographs of any damage and a record of conversations between your insurer, consultant and contractors for reference.

If you're concerned about claiming on your insurance policy, take a look at our guide to making a claim.

Why do I need to be covered?

Flooding is often unpredictable and becoming increasingly common in the UK. It could cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to your possessions, structure and the interior of your home.

Flood risk data

    • The number of properties at risk of flooding is expected to rise to around 1.5 million in the next 35 years
    • The ABI estimates that more than 8,000 properties were affected by floods which caused £400 million worth of damage in 2012
    • 500,000 people face a significant flood risk and this could rise to 840,000 by 2035
    • Claims have risen 200% in the last 10 years and cost £20,000 - £30,000 on average
    • For more information about the rising risk of flooding in the UK, take a look at our infographic
    By getting the right level of cover for your home, you could find the financial security to protect you from this increasing risk.

    If you live in a high risk flood area, you could find that your premium might increase due to the added risk of damage.

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George Marsh May 2013

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Protect your home from flooding

  • Be prepared, make sure your home and contents are covered by insurance
  • Check the flood risk map from the Environment Agency to see if you could be affected
  • Check for warnings and sign up for alerts with the Environment Agency tool:


What to do before the flood?

  • Stock up on sandbags as these are a useful first line of defense.
  • Prepare a kit of essential items like a torch, a first aid kit and your insurance documents.
  • Fit non-return drainage valves to your drainpipes to stop water flowing back into the house.

What to do when the flood hits?

  • Turn off your gas, water and electricity from the mains.
  • Move as many of your valuables as you can upstairs.
  • Listen out for any warnings and evacuate if authorities tell you.

Make your property more resistant and resilient by taking these measures.

The Statement of Principles agreement

The Statement of Principles agreement between insurers and the Government ensures that damage is covered by most home insurance policies. This will be replaced by the Flood Re scheme in summer 2015, but until then all ABI members will voluntarily commit to the Statement of Principles agreement until this time.

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Rising risk of floods

Check out our infographic to find out more.

Rising flood risk infographic

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