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**10% of contents insurance customers could save at least £209.02 against their previous renewal price (April - June 2015)

What does contents insurance cover?

  • It's a policy designed to secure your belongings against theft, loss and damage
  • Typically it insures items like your electrical goods, furniture and clothes
  • Some policies could also extend this cover to include the contents of your garden shed
  • If you're a tenant renting a house or flat it could cover your personal possessions or any furniture that you may own

Want to cover expensive items? If you've a valuable family heirloom, high-powered gadget or an antique that you want to cover, you may need to list them separately as single, high-value items. Some insurers could also offer a more specialist high value contents insurance policy for items of significant worth.

Most policies usually fall into one of two types - new for old and indemnity. Try reading our guide to insuring your possessions if you'd like to know more.

Why should I get contents insurance? research shows that theft is the second most common claim on a home contents policy after accidental damage.

  • Burglary rates for homes with high value jewellery increased 40% in 2 years

  • 25% of Brits would ignore a nearby burglar alarm according to Legal and General

  • estimated that a burglary occurs every 45 seconds in the UK

The distress caused by a break-in is bad enough without the extra worry of having to replace your belongings. Getting cover could save you money if you're the victim of a burglary.

Improving your home security could help to prevent you from being the victim of a theft. Try checking out our guide for tips on how to beat the burglar or watch our burglary experiment video.

If you live in a shared house or flat you might have more reason to protect your belongings than most, as they could be more vulnerable to theft or disasters like fires and floods.

Why compare contents insurance with

Without insurance you run the risk of being left out of pocket in the event of a theft or disaster. Getting cover for your belongings could save you money if you suffer a loss.

  • 1 in 5 homes do not have contents cover, putting an average of £14,000 at risk*

  • 25% of households with cover are underinsured by an average of £20,000*

  • Underinsuring your belongings could lead to your insurer scaling down a claim

  • Take a look at our top tips to avoid getting caught short on your policy

*Figures calculated by Direct Line